Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arrest of 4 Mexican Generals linked to downed CIA drug plane

From Daniel Hopsicker, MadCow Morning News

The investigation and recent arrest of four prominent Generals in the Mexican Army on charges of protecting cocaine flights for Mexican drug cartels began with a series of seismic shifts in the drug trade that were set in motion more than five years ago by two American-registered planes from St Petersburg Florida —a DC9 airliner (N900SA) and a Gulfstream business jet(N987SA)—caught carrying almost 10 tens of cocaine on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

The four Generals, one of whom held the second highest position in the Defense Ministry, were caught up in an investigation which began after two drug traffickers agreed to cooperate with authorities.

Both admitted participating in the November 2007 murder of the Director of Civil Aviation in the Yucatan, Jose Luis Soladana Ortiz, gunned down for reneging on an agreement to allow drug flights from South America—like the Gulfstream business jet from St. Petersburg— to land at the international airport in the resort city of Cancun.

Soladana's action remains unexplained.

But the results were only too visible: the disappearance or murder of airport personnel, including three tortured bodies dumped alongside a road on the same day Soladana Ortiz was shot seven times at point blank range.

An American war, Mexican blood

The tangled story of the two busted American planes which would eventually lead to the indictment of the Mexican Generals is riddled with complicity at the highest levels of the governing elites in both Mexico and the U.S.

So far, however, only Mexicans have been charged with any crimes in the two massive drug moves.Also, so far, only Mexicans have been dying because of it.

The Mexican war on drugs, launched in 2006, has since left over 50,000 people dead. The army has gained sweeping new powers.

In Mexico the newly-indicted Generals are widely thought to be just the tip of an enormous iceberg of official complicity on the local, state, and federal level. General Angeles, the last to be detained, was a close aide to Guillermo Galvan, the current secretary of national defense.

Generals today…..Bankers tomorrow?

Moreover the drug trafficking conspiracy for which the Generals were indicted was aided by cronies of former Mexican President Vicente Fox, whose currency exchange, Casa de Cambio Puebla, laundered the drug money through American banks that was used to purchase both the Gulfstream, and the DC9 caught eighteen months earlier, carrying an astonishing 5.6 tons of cocaine.

Anonymous - RE-Evolution Project Mayhem 2012

Imagine we leak it all...

How Commercials Mind Control People

Full List of Corrina Rachel Videos

This video was produced by Psychetruth

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Information Control For Social Manipulation

Chomsky: Bush disappeared and tortured those the US disliked, while the Obama administration simply "murders them"

From Chomsky on Obama by Glenn Greenwald, Salon

Appearing on Democracy Now this morning, Noam Chomsky said the following:

If the Bush administration didn’t like somebody, they’d kidnap them and send them to torture chambers.

If the Obama administration decides they don’t like somebody, they murder them.

Though a bit oversimpified — the Bush administration killed plenty of people, while the Obama administration makes use of kidnapping and torture chambers albeit by proxy; also, as this tweeter noted: it’s “unfair to say the Obama administration kills those it doesn’t like, since they claim power to kill people without even knowing who they are” – this concise comparison just about about sums it up. But it’s important to note that President Obama has progressivism in his heart and that makes all the difference in the world.

Mae Brussell: Bebe Rebozo [was] Nixon's CIA babysitter

Originally broadcast October 29, 1973.

Watergate, Hughes, Nixon, Archibald Cox fired, Bebe Rebozo is Nixon's CIA babysitter, Bahamas. Fascism in California. Louis Tackwood, book, "The Glass House Tapes," U.S. Gestapo takeover. Daniel Del Solar article, Cambridge simulation game plan "Politica," Chile, Allende murder. Project "Camelot." ABT Assoc. Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). Bogus Edward J. Epstein article in Esquire Mag.

Leaked documents reveal US diplomats actually work for Monsanto

Biotech giant Monsanto has been genetically modifying the world’s food supply and subsequently breeding environmental devastation for years, but leaked documents now reveal that Monsanto has also deeply infiltrated the United States government. With leaked reports revealing how U.S. diplomats are actually working for Monsanto to push their agenda along with other key government officials, Monsanto’s grasp on international politics has never been clearer.

Amazingly, the information reveals that the massive corporation is also intensely involved in the passing and regulations concerning the very GM ingredients they are responsible for. In fact, the information released by WikiLeaks reveals just how much power Monsanto has thanks to key positions within the United States government and elsewhere. Not only was it exposed that the U.S. is threatening nations who oppose Monsanto with military-style trade wars, but that many U.S. diplomats actually work directly for Monsanto.


Classified Life: Sibel Edmonds' Story

The following excerpt is the prologue to her book. -Peter Handel (a freelance writer based in the San Francisco Bay area).


I threw my carry-on into the backseat. Once behind the wheel, I paused to take a mental inventory of what I would need: passport, check; traveler’s checks, check; cash in dollars and Turkish lira, check …

I looked at my watch: half past three. I gazed on our townhouse, reflecting; the third Christmas in a row with no jolly wreath on our door or festive lights decorating the trim. I had a little less than two and a half hours to get to the airport, which was less than fifteen minutes away, to purchase my tickets to JFK with a continuing flight to Istanbul, get on the plane, and take off. I couldn’t procrastinate any longer, so I started the engine, pulled out of our driveway, and headed north toward Reagan National Airport.

The gray, windy December day promised a heavy downpour, precisely mirroring my mood. I tightened my grip on the wheel to steady my shaking hands. I’d left a short note for my husband telling him it was time for me to go and face whatever awaited me there. I was not going to miss the chance to see my grandmother one last time. I would not let them erase me from my family’s map.

Until a few years earlier, before the dark journey began, we frequented the country at least once a year, and my family paid us annual visits. Then came the nightmare; changing everything, turning our life upside down.

I had plotted the trip in secrecy, something I had never done in all our years of marriage. I knew he would do everything he could to stop me from taking this trip. It was, after all, a matter of life and death.

I turned right into the airport entrance and squinted to make out the signs to long-term parking. My vision blurred, and I realized it was not poor visibility but tears. My determination, my will, began to melt with each passing second. I passed the parking entrance and continued on. I made two more turns around the airport, tears still falling, before I took the exit. Now I was crying out loud; sobbing. The pangs, pain, fear, rage and everything else I had bottled up in me for the past four years began to pour out; a floodtide of grief.

Yes, this was true acceptance, full acknowledgment. I could never ever go back. I would never see my extended family again. My past, my ties, my bonds and heritage all had been wiped out - completely and forever.

In my country of origin I have been branded as a spy for the United States of America. There I have been characterized as a "traitor against the country" and named as "the enemy of the state."


US Super Soldiers could Run Fast, Won’t Need Food and Regenerate

A recent Daily Mail article detailed many of the strange research projects that DARPA is working on right now. The fact that DARPA has actually allowed these projects to be revealed in the mainstream media probably means that the development stage is nearly over and they are ready to try to convince a wary public to accept them….

Tomorrow’s soldiers could be able to run at Olympic speeds and will be able to go for days without food or sleep, if new research into gene manipulation is successful.

According to the U.S. Army’s plans for the future, their soldiers will be able to carry huge weights, live off their fat stores for extended periods and even regrow limbs blown apart by bombs.

The plans were revealed by novelist Simon Conway, who was granted behind-the-scenes access to the Pentagon’s high-tech Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

So how is this possible?


DHS Sets New Spying Operations Records

SUMMARY: The Department of Homeland Security is issuing a final rule to amend its regulations to exempt portions of a newly established system of records titled ``Department of Homeland Security Office of Operations Coordination and Planning-003 Operations Collection, Planning, Coordination, Reporting, Analysis, and Fusion System of Records'' from certain provisions of the Privacy Act. Specifically, the Department exempts portions of the system of records from one or more provisions of the Privacy Act because of criminal, civil, and administrative enforcement requirements.

DATES: Effective Date: This final rule is effective June 7, 2012.


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Scoring for Information
Police infiltration tactics viewed as a violation of women's bodies and rights

Police Brutality Protesters Out POLICE PROVOCATEURS Dressed As "Anarchist" In Front Of News

New Group AntiLeaks Opens Up DDoS War on WikiLeaks, But Might Not Be What They Claim

There is one thing about the hacking world that is a constant, everything changes. We have seen anti-anonymous and Anti-Wikileaks groups come and go from individuals like The Jester to others that claim they were once with Anonymous, but now have seen the error of their ways and are working for the good of the world. These groups all have one thing in common; they are rarely effective for long. This is not to say they do not have skill or talent. In some cases they are very talented. However their effects are rarely long term.

Now we have something new a group called AntiLeaks has popped up and managed to drop a 10GB/s + DDoS attack on WikiLeaks, their affiliate sites and mirrors. This is something pretty spectacular when you think about it. The group claims to be a group of “young adults, citizens of the United States of America and are deeply concerned about the recent developments with Julian Assange and his attempt at asylum in Ecuador”, but their tactics and capabilities seems to indicate something more is going on here.

For starters the timing is very interesting as WikiLeaks had just released some very embarrassing documents that were taken from Stratfor earlier. The size of the original email and document dump was impressive and as of this writing only a small portion has been released to the public. In this round of documents a new monitoring system developed by former CIA employees (as part of the Abraxis Corporation) called Trapwire. This system was setup to monitor patterns to help predict threats in fact Richard Helms, CEO of Abraxis was quoted once as saying “It can collect information about people and vehicles that is more accurate than facial recognition, draw patterns, and do threat assessments of areas that may be under observation from terrorists,”

Join Pussy Riot Global Day 17 August

Royal Court plans Pussy Riot readings on day of trial verdict
British actors will read testimony from trial at free event proposed by playwright EV Crowe as part of global day of action

Solidarity from Patti Smith

Hong Kong to evict last Occupy sit-in in Asia

A Week In The House Of Bruce Lee

Escaping from Greece in shipping containers or small smuggler operated boats after months or often years spent stranded, upon arrival in Italy all roads invariably lead to Rome.
Known to the Afghans as The House of Bruce Lee after the popular fight sequence in Way of the Dragon, few boys spend more than a week transiting through the ancient city.
For many, it is a place where they experience a sense of freedom for the first time in their lives.

In "the Flowers of Afghanistan", Alixandra Fazzina follows Afghan boys making the dangerous overland journey from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Europe to apply for asylum in EU Member states.


Spanish mayor hailed as modern-day Robin Hood

Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo has, over the past week, led several raids on supermarkets around the town of Marinaleda, near Seville in southern Spain, arguing that "someone has to do something so that families can eat."

Mr Sanchez, 53, an avowed communist with a bushy grey beard who has been mayor for 33 years and a member for the regional parliament of Andalusia for the United Left party (IU), did not take part in the raids themselves but stood outside the supermarkets directing his "comrades" over a megaphone.

At one Carrefour supermarket on Tuesday around a dozen trolleys were filled with staples such as milk, sugar, oil, pasta, before being wheeled out through the check-out without payment.


Breathe Life - 'Fire'

Babylon is Falling

The Fate of Greece's Refugees and Migrant Workers: Picking the Grapes or Getting Swept Up

From Chris Jones, Global Research

The island is littered with abandoned terraces. Using the bountiful supply of stone previous generations of farmers covered the island’s mountain slopes with terracing for olives and grapes. Any walk in the mountains reveals the remnants of this extraordinary achievement, with sections of the dry stone terraces still standing amongst the trees and shrub. This is by no means unique to Samos but is true for much of rural Greece especially where the terrain does not permit the use of tractors and other farm machinery.

However, over the past 2 decades the rate of abandonment has undoubtedly been slowed down, first by the arrival of the Albanian exodus through the 1990s and more recently by refugees. If it were not for these sources of mainly young, highly vulnerable and therefore cheap labour many more farms would be abandoned, and certainly in the case of Samos, most of the olives and grapes would be left unpicked. So one of the most significant differences between the grape harvest of today compared with earlier times is not only the presence of pick up trucks as against donkeys and plastic crates instead of wicker panniers, but above all the background of the pickers. Family groups are now far outnumbered by migrants and refugees on the vinyards.

All over rural Greece, refugees and migrants are doing (hard, physical) work without which many villages would simply not survive. Their role and contribution is crucial as my drive from the coast to the village this morning revealed as I passed African and Pakistani workers collecting the grapes.

But in Athens at the very same time the Greek state has launched and is continuing its biggest ever police mobilisation against refugees and migrant workers. The progrom, for this is what is happening, has been named by the state as Operation Xenios Zeus which in itself reveals the utter cruelty and contempt of the state for these most vulnerable of the population. For Zeus is the god of hospitality and the protector of guests! Under this benign name 2,000 police have been deployed in Athens and 2,500 police on Greece ’s eastern border with Turkey . On Saturday 4th August in Athens alone, over 1,100 refugees without appropriate papers were arrested and detained and a further 4,900 held temporarily for questioning. These numbers have grown as the sweep operation continues (see http://clandestinenglish.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/operation-xenios-zeus-in-athens/).

Empty, or under-utilised military camps in the north of Greece have been commandeered to house those detained pending their eventual deportation as well as a new detention centre in Athens . Moreover, in their characteristically authoritarian fashion, the police action is indiscriminate and inhumane. No distinction is made between the majority who have the appropriate papers and those who do not; the main criteria for being swept up seems to be skin colour; no account is given to minors, to those traumatized by their flight and escapes, to those who have been tortured and raped. All this is now well documented as being the norm for the Greek state in numerous reports coming out of Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and many other national and international NGOs ( a recent example being Human Rights Watch’s July 2012 report ‘Hate on the Streets’ (http://www.hrw.org/reports/2012/07/10/hate-streets). But on the ground it is not that nothing changes but it gets worse almost day by day.

The emergence of Golden Dawn following the June general elections adds impetus to the fascistic tendencies of the state. The New Democracy led coalition is desperate to avoid haemorrhaging its right wing support to this populist and openly fascistic party which now has state funding following its success in gaining a presence in the Greek parliament. This is turn has allowed it to gain wide coverage for its racist stunts like giving out food to the poor in Syntagma Square with the vicious condition that they must possess a Greek I.D. The dynamic on the right is like watching a dance of death evolve and grow. If nothing else it ignites the most massive ‘green light’ to a Greek police force half of whom it has been estimated voted for Golden Dawn. It is a green light for violence, cruelty, and neglect all with impunity.


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Flares thrown into makeshift mosque near Piraeus

NYPD's Backwards Policy on Photography at Occupy Wall Street

From Naomi Gilens, Legal Administrative Assistant, ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project

Under the First Amendment, Americans have the right to observe and record members of the police force in the public discharge of their duties. Conversely, the NYPD’s right to conduct photo and video surveillance on citizens engaging in lawful protest is limited, with very few exceptions, to circumstances in which “it reasonably appears that unlawful conduct is about to occur, is occurring, or has occurred.”

As a report released today by the New York Civil Liberties Union starkly illustrates, though, these rules bear little relation to what is actually happening. Police continue to subject photographers to harassment, injury, and arrest. In July, an activist (and friend of mine) found that videotaping police stop and frisks had landed him on a “Wanted”-style police poster featuring his full name, photograph, and home address. The following week, a photographer attempting to document an arrest was flung violently over a stone bench several times, pinned down by a knee on the back of his neck, and arrested.


Radical Imaginaries: Community Uprisings and the Occupy Movement

From Occupy the Social

The ethics of the Occupy network are loosely based on the principles of Ghandi and Martin Luther King, but there is a strong disagreement on the terms of non-violence as it pertains to property. This disagreement about respecting and not respecting private property has led to intense in-fighting, which has split many local occupations interested in developing new tactics post-camping. In addition to separating those who may find close affinity on other values, the disagreement about tactics covers over another important discussion: what is the difference between protests that adhere to the ethics of Occupy and community uprisings? The uprising in Anaheim CA provides an opportunity to look closely at the relationship between the semi-structured organization of Occupy and the tactics of a community besieged by police violence.

[ ... ]

It is time to imagine new others. It’s time for our multiple identities to shift as the situation develops.


Big bad police vehicles

Sydney police battling violent crime and any terrorism threat have just been equipped with some new heavy armour, two state of the art 'Bearcats'.

We're Not Broke - Official Trailer

WE'RE NOT BROKE Official Trailer from OnshoreProductions on Vimeo.

Check out the website for Screenings in your area & DVD: www.werenotbrokemovie.com
Premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Synopsis: America is in the grip of a societal economic panic. Lawmakers cry "We're Broke!" as they slash budgets, lay off schoolteachers, police, and firefighters, crumbling our country's social fabric and leaving many Americans scrambling to survive. Meanwhile, multibillion-dollar American corporations like Exxon, Google and Bank of America are making record profits. And while the deficit climbs and the cuts go deeper, these corporations—with intimate ties to our political leaders—are concealing colossal profits overseas to avoid paying U.S. income tax.

WE'RE NOT BROKE is the story of how U.S. corporations have been able to hide over a trillion dollars from Uncle Sam, and how seven fed-up Americans from across the country, take their frustration to the streets . . . and vow to make the corporations pay their fair share.

Ovation TV: Art or Not?

Bonus Interview with Mat Gleason

This Ovation TV original is an exploration of a question that has entertained, frustrated and inflamed passionate -- and even casual -- art lovers forever: Is "it" art, or is "it" not art? The special showcases artists from the edges of the art spectrum and will aim to discover what makes people passionate -- and highly opinionated -- about a broad range of visual art.


image from http://www.spitting-image.net

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