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Vandana Shiva: Monocultures of the Mind

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Police State Gets New Toys To Use On You That You Pay For

Will these 10 jobs disappear in 2012?

It may come as no surprise that the job of newspaper reporter is going the way of the buggy whip maker -- but the forces of modernity have placed some unexpected occupations on the endangered species list as well. Using statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011, we identified 10 of the most surprising job categories whose numbers are projected to shrink in the coming years, plus a few that will grow so slowly that you might as well be sending your resume to Greece for a civil service job


Bakers of Europe, The Economist wants you to work longer!

For breakfast I came across an articlet titled “The coming retail boom -
Europe’s dozy retailers are about to be rudely awoken
” published in The Economist magazine. The author is chewing on clichés in a very annoying way – taking opening times of Parisian bakers as example for the apparent customer service gap in the whole of Europe is just the start of it.


Music Maker 17 - The United Police State

#OpManning: Bradley Manning Changed the World

Perhaps, one day, decades from now, it will be written in the history books that:

It did not take the collective might of armed and industrialized superpowers to put an end to the war-crimes and atrocities upheld by The Military Industrial Complex and NATO regime; it only took one man. One human being stood up for the truth and proclaimed it loud enough for all the world to hear. His name was Bradley E. Manning.



The definitive look at the Zapatista uprising, its historical roots and its lessons for the present and the future.
January 1, 1994. The day the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) comes into effect. A few minutes after midnight in Southeastern Mexico, several thousand Mayan soldiers take over half the state of Chiapas, declaring a war against the global corporate power they say rules Mexico. They call themselves the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN).

Zapatista is the definitive look at the uprising in Chiapas. It is the story of a Mayan peasant rebellion armed with sticks and their word against a first world military. It is the story of a global movement that has fought 175,000 federal troops to a stand still and transformed Mexican and international political culture forever.

Narration by: Mumia Abu-Jamal, Darryl Hannah, Edward James Olmos and Geronimo Pratt.

Featuring interviews with: Subcomandante Marcos, Noam Chomsky, Comandante Tacho, David and Zebedeo, Mayor Insurgente Ana Maria, Javier Elorriaga, Zach de la Rocha and more.

Music by Rage Against the Machine.

Cataphora's Data Analysis Example: Arab Spring

"The 'Arab Spring' video is the first in a series in which we will feature real world usages of different aspects of Cataphora's technology. While we love to talk about complex investigation and analysis of Big Data, such examples rarely lend themselves to being condensed to a short video. Right at the time we were searching for a suitable example, we met Esra'a Al Shafei at the 2011 Monaco Media Forum conference.

She was there to accept yet another award -- she has received quite a few in recent years for her role in helping promote democracy and free speech in the Middle East.

Esra'a is in her 20's and lives in a village in Bahrain. She operates her websites (including Mideast Youth) on a shoestring, with a handful of helpers. Yet despite this she has clearly managed to attain an impressive level of influence, and perhaps even has helped change the world. But to what extent? What was her reach? We thought that using some of our technology to detect the spread of influence of Esra'a's work might make an interesting first example to analyze."

In Grave Danger of Falling Food


In Grave Danger of Falling Food (1989) is a film about Bill Mollison, an Australian environmentalist best known as “the father of permaculture”. Permaculture is a system of design aiming at creating living environments modelled on natural ecosystems. The film also discusses the failures of modern agriculture and how a rainforest type environment with a lot of species living within a small area has the potential to produce food many times more efficiently than fields dedicated to just one crop. Even though shot over two decades ago, the ideas presented in this film are today perhaps more actual than ever. Directed by Tony Gailey and Julian Russell with music by Derek Williams.

The Arab Spring’s Chinese roots… and future?

The paradoxical links between the Arab Spring and the on-going problem of workers’ rights in China was not lost on scholars and activists working in and on China. Ralph Litzinger, a Duke University anthropologist who studies labour issues in China, explained:

When we get all excited about the Arab uprisings but we don’t really want to know who and what produces the things we’re holding in our hands. We want to get on with the business of revolutions and to be constantly reminded of the way things are made? Heavy metal runoff into rivers and ground water, and harsh labour conditions, etc. That stuff stands in the way of the revolution, illuminating a fundamental contradiction that slows down its momentum. But the reality is that the technologies that we use are part of the global capitalist network, which means that ultimately the issues facing protesters in Cairo or Shenzhen are rooted in the same larger processes.

Litzinger continued. “I joke with friends in China that we’re sitting around doing all this planning with our iPhones, Blackberries, Androids, and the like, sharing information and commenting on articles? We’re using the very technology that we’re denouncing. And they say, ‘What choice do we have?’.”

Certainly, the Chinese government is very aware of the links between the two plight of Arab and Chinese workers and activists. During the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions people couldn’t even type the word “Jasmine” into Chinese search engines or use it in blogs.



Bayer Sells AIDS-Infected Drug Banned in U.S. in Europe, Asia - Unearthed documents show that the drug company Bayer sold millions of dollars worth of an injectable blood-clotting medicine -- Factor VIII concentrate, intended for hemophiliacs -- to Asian, Latin American, and some European countries in the mid-1980s, although they knew that it was tainted with AIDS. Bayer knew about the fact that the drug was tainted and told the FDA to keep things under wraps while they made a profit off of a drug that infected its patients. If these allegations are true, then both Bayer and the FDA are at fault for this catastrophe. FDA regulators helped to keep the continued sales hidden, asking the company that the problem be ''quietly solved without alerting the Congress, the medical community and the public,'' according to the minutes of a 1985 meeting.

Democracy not linked to elections argues Putin

Sustainable social development is impossible without a competent state, while genuine democracy is a fundamental condition for developing a state designed to serve public interests.

Real democracy cannot be created overnight and cannot be a carbon copy of some external example. Society must be completely ready for using democratic mechanisms. The majority of people must see themselves as citizens of their country, ready to devote their attention, time and efforts on a regular basis to taking part in the process of governance. In other words, democracy is effective only when people are ready to invest something in it.

In the early 1990s, our society was inspired by the dissolution of the Soviet one-party rule and administrative command system, which went on right in front of people's eyes. It seemed that the transition to government by the people would be quick, especially since we had models of civilised and mature democracies in the form of the United States and Western Europe readily to hand. But the introduction of democratic mechanisms to Russia meant that nearly all of the necessary economic reforms were brought to a halt, and these mechanisms were later taken over by the local and central oligarchic elites, who shamelessly exploited the state and divided up the nation's wealth for their own benefit.

I know from my own experience that many honest and clever officials were working for the public benefit during that period. It is thanks to them that the state did not perish, that routine problems were resolved, for better or for worse, and some badly needed reforms were implemented, albeit inconsistently and slowly. But on the whole, the existing system proved to be stronger.

As a result, the democracy campaign of the 1990s did not create a modern state but provoked an under-the-carpet power struggle among clans and a feudal system with officials eking a living from their posts. Instead of a new quality of life we were lumbered with huge social expenses, instead of a free and fair society, we got arbitrariness by self-appointed "elites," who flagrantly disregarded the interests of common people. As a result, Russia's transition to democracy and a market economy was "poisoned" by people's steadfast distrust in these notions and an unwillingness to participate in the life of society.


Anonymous Launches Music Albums!

The folks at Radio Payback and AnonRadio teamed up to launch a music Album dedicated to Anonymous. The first one gained a lot of support, so they decided to launch a second one. Both are linked here!

The Newest Album, titled "Revolution", is dedicated to outline Anonymous's role in the revolutions of 2011, mixing different world genres. A spokesperson said that this album is a Part I segment of another disc, involving more songs including Greece, OWS, and others. And yes, it's free.

The purpose of the album was to have music for Anonymous, by Anonymous (and others), together in one place, so that people interested don't have to hunt down for the newest songs. We did that for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Plus it'll help those who are participating in Operation Black March, ride out the storm. Just remember: it's only 30 days.

Enjoy this one!

The Newest Album:

Anonymous (The Album II): Revolution
Year: 2012

Missed the first Album?
Anonymous (The Album): The Beginning
Year: 2011

Happy 2012 rEvolutions

It's time to wake up. Everybody has a deep inner feeling about things going wrong on this planet. Our mission will be to give power to the people and to eradicate fear. What fear? Fear of the government, corporations, other people, the fear that holds you back from being yourself, from creating, from living.

Be patient. Be determined. Be a Space Monkey.
Ready to sacrifice yourself for the greater good.
Changing the World isn't a weekend retreat. It's not a goddamn seminar. Stop trying to control everything and just let go! LET GO!
We cannot and won't expect to 'mutate the World' until we have begun
Once you have found yourself, you will Find The Others.
Once you have found The Others, you will be finding yourself.
Don't try to "convince" others: very specially, DON'T WORRY ABOUT "results".

The Internet is our most powerful tool and weapon. Power is afraid of Internet. Our might is bigger than any other organisation. We CAN and are ABLE to open the eyes of the World.
It might take some time until this MIND VIRUS expands to your local area.
The time has come to CONSPIRE and to spot fellow Anonymous dormant cells in your area.
Wait the Anonymous signal to COLLAPSE the System and to #OCCUPYREALITY. Your goal in the game is to find as many Anons Bros as possible.

Report and share teh LOVE & LULZ at #OPREALITYHACKING

After all, the Universe might just be a big JOKE, right? ☺

LULZ kills fear: that's the Spirit!

IGNORE "opposition" or "defiance" to "prove" your newly found "powers" and

The best way to predict the future is to CREATE IT.

✖ iMAGIne. aCKt. ✖

1. You DO ask questions.
2. Truths be Revealed: the World will see an
unprecedented amount of Corporate, Financial, Military and State leaks.
3. No excuses.
4. No lies.
5. You HAVE to trust Consciousness: *** TEST *** it for YOURSELF. Remember: we will NEVER ever DO anything against our own Consciousness.

Creative Human Beings: OUR LEGEND BEGINS



Occupy Godot

The signs posted to evict Occupy Pittsburgh were simple white board with black lettering. They reminded me of something and it bugged me all day. Then I remembered:

It’s the stage directions for Beckett’s Waiting for Godot as staged by Paul Chan in New Orleans after Katrina. His 2007 production was prompted by Chan’s own sense that the devastated city reminded him of something. When he remembered the scenario for Godot, the New Orleans streets now seemed to him to call for a production of the play. Audiences flocked to see it and the endless waiting of the “tramps” made sense to people in post-Katrina New Orleans because of their own interminable delays with FEMA and other governmental authority.

The three rivers that meet in Pittsburgh run into the Ohio river and from there into the Mississippi, down on to New Orleans. There’s a connection at work here. We could play with this is in a number of registers. Perhaps the “tramps” that have nowhere else to go have been evicted by Godot, who no longer wants them to wait. Perhaps Vladimir and Estragon have decided that they have had enough of being tramps and have occupied the country road: Occupy Godot. Perhaps Lucky disrupts their General Assembly.

Chain of associations: in the original French production of En Attendant Godot, Lucky was played by Jean Martin, a former member of the French Resistance, as indeed was Beckett.


Occupy 2012

From Dazed Digital:

In a series of interviews taken from the February issue of Dazed & Confused, we let musicians, writers and thinkers tell us why this is the time to fight for a fairer future. First up... Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja



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