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The Story of Broke (2011) — The United States isn't broke; we're the richest country on the planet and a country in which the richest among us are doing exceptionally well. But the truth is, our economy is broken, producing more pollution, greenhouse gasses and garbage than any other country. In these and so many other ways, it just isn't working. But rather than invest in something better, we continue to keep this 'dinosaur economy' on life support with hundreds of billions of dollars of our tax money. The Story of Broke calls for a shift in government spending toward investments in clean, green solutions—renewable energy, safer chemicals and materials, zero waste and more—that can deliver jobs AND a healthier environment. It's time to rebuild the American Dream; but this time, let's build it better.

BBC: Economic Collapse Who Rules The World?

Alessio Rastani says Goldman Sachs rules the world and that the economy is going to crash!

Prominent US-Egyptian columnist alleges police sexually abused her in detention Read it on Global News: Global News | Prominent US-Egyptian columnist

A prominent Egyptian-born U.S. columnist said uniformed police sexually assaulted, beat and blindfolded her after she was detained Thursday near Tahrir Square during clashes, leaving her left arm and right hand broken and in casts.

Mona Eltahawy, 44, lives in New York and is a prominent women's rights defender, a lecturer on the role of social media in the Arab world and a former Reuters journalist. Eltahawy describes herself as a liberal Muslim who has spoken publicly in the U.S and other countries against violent Islamic groups, particularly in the wake of 9-11. She is known as a scathing critic of the former Egyptian regime.

Eltahawy arrived in Egypt Wednesday evening and went straight to Tahrir Square, getting close to the front lines of clashes between protesters and the police at the nearby Interior Ministry. She was detained outside the ministry in the early morning hours of Thursday and released about 12 hours later.

"They hit me with their sticks on the arms and head. They sexually assaulted me, groping my breasts and putting their hands between my legs," she told The Associated Press. "For a moment I said 'this is it. No one is around. I am finished.'" As she struggled, shouting: "No! No," her attackers dragged her by her hair from the street to the Interior Ministry, cursing her.


Super-weapon designed by Greeks is not manufactured because of interests

Five Greek scientists have discovered a super-weapon that could be an invaluable force multiplier for the Greek Armed Forces! The presentation of the “weapon” has excited two defense ministers and three Chiefs of General Staff, which have designated it as “top secret”. But nothing is progressing, because it seems that this Greek invention goes against the big interests of the giants of the global defense industry!

According to a report of the “Real News” newspaper, five scientists of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki are working on the program which is classified as top secret. However, after five years of mockery, one of the scientists decided to break the silence.


A Message From Anonymous To The Global Revolution

OCCUPY MELBOURNE - Police Using Excessive Force On Peaceful Prosters

Police using strong-arm tactics - including controversial pressure point tactics - to remove demonstrators from City Square yesterday.

Reverend Billy and His Choir Re-Occupy Zuccotti Park

A Spirituality of Resistance - By John Dear

(On February 28, 2011, John Dear gave this talk at the Eight Sabeel Conference in Bethlehem,

Dear friends, thank you for all you do for peace and justice, for the God of peace and justice. I
have been asked to speak about "a spirituality of resistance." I define "spirituality" broadly as "a
way of life," your "sabeel," which means there are many spiritualities. We are talking here about
finding God as we resist empire, walking with Jesus as we resist empire, living in the Holy Spirit
of faith, hope and love as we resist empire.

I thought I would share a little of my own journey of resistance, and then offer ten starting points
for a spirituality of nonviolence and resistance to empire. These are just modest reflections which
I hope will encourage you to unpack the spiritual dimension and roots of your own nonviolent
resistance. In other words, what is your spirituality of nonviolence and resistance? How do
you challenge empire, resist empire and remain faithful to the God of peace? Where is God in
your journey out of empire, in your journey of resistance to empire? Who is the God you meet
as you resist empire? What spiritual practices and resources do you use in your life journey of
nonviolence and resistance?


Occupy movements nationwide celebrate Thanksgiving

Most Americans spent Thanksgiving snug inside homes with families and football. Others used the holiday to give thanks alongside strangers at outdoor Occupy encampments, serving turkey or donating their time in solidarity with the anti-Wall Street movement that has gripped a nation consumed by economic despair.

In San Francisco, 400 occupiers at a plaza in the financial district were served traditional Thanksgiving fixings sent by the renowned Glide Memorial Church to volunteers and supporters of the movement fighting social and economic inequality.

"We are thankful that we are, first and foremost, in a country where we can protest," said the Rev. Cecil Williams, the founder of Glide and a fixture in the city's activist community. "And we are thankful that we believe that there are things that could be worked out and that we have a sense of hope. But we know that hope only comes when you make a stand."

While the celebration remained peaceful in San Francisco, an amplified version of a family Thanksgiving squabble erupted in New York when police ordered a halt to drumming by protesters at an otherwise traditional holiday meal.

About 500 protesters were digging into donated turkey and trimmings at lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park when police told a drummer to drop playing.

About 200 protesters surrounded a group of about 30 officers and began shouting in the park where the Occupy movement was launched Sept. 17.

"Why don't you stop being cops for Thanksgiving?" yelled one protester.


Bradley Manning's defence plans to call 50 witnesses

Manning was arrested in Iraq in May 2010 on suspicion that he was the source of the huge database of US embassy cables that was passed without permission to WikiLeaks. He has spent the past 18 months in confinement, much of it in the early stages in conditions that some say were tantamount to torture.

Ahead of the Article 32, the army has released details of the precise charges against Manning. The most serious count is "aiding the enemy" - a charge that technically carries the death penalty though prosecutors have indicated they will not press for that.

In addition, Manning is accused of 16 counts of wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the internet knowing that it is accessible to the enemy; five counts of theft of public property or records, eight of transmitting defence information, two of fraud in connection with computers and five of violating army information security.

If convicted of all charges, Manning would face a maximum sentence of confinement for life.

His support network plans to hold a rally outside the Article 32 at Fort Meade on the morning of the hearing, followed by a march the following day – Manning's 24th birthday.


Occupy Your Earphones: Serenading The 99% With A Benefit Album

No matter what your opinion on the recent Occupy protests, it's hard to deny they have had an impact, whether by prompting a discussion of wealth distribution or by simply taking up so much of the news cycle.

But what of their musical impact? Although some might think it limited to the sound of drum circles pounding through the night, many other musicians have stopped by various Occupy protests. Now that legacy might extend to include, among other things, the sound of Michael Moore singing.

Both the drum circles and Moore's vocal stylings are to be included on a new benefit album, to be called "Occupy This Album", which will seek to raise funds for the Occupy movement both in New York and around the world. Other artists currently slated to appear on the record include Jackson Browne, Lucinda Williams, Devo, Ladytron, Toots and the Maytals, Yo La Tengo and protest music veterans Crosby & Nash (no Stills thus far).


Italy's 2400 tons of gold: Real target of 'IMF terrorists'?

New taxes spark more riots in Greece

Workers at Greece's biggest power company, PPC, have clashed with riot police as they protested against a new property tax in Athens.

Members of the firm's labour union oppose PPC being tasked with collecting the tax through Greeks' electricity bills.

Athens police said 15 arrests were made.

Unions have vowed to fight austerity measures agreed with the country's international creditors.
Greece requested an initial rescue package in May last year.

"When the World Outlawed War"

David Swanson on his book about the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact and how it makes current wars illegal.

List of Demands (Reparations) by Saul Williams

Baltimore’s can-do approach to food justice

Cities all over the country are addressing the lack of access to fresh and healthy food on the part of their residents, but few are in as much of a bind as Baltimore.

Like Detroit, and other cities known for their class and race disparity, Baltimore has been losing population and gaining vacant land at a fast pace in recent decades. The result is vast swaths of neighborhoods located far from grocery stores. Baltimore gave itself a D on its own 2010 Health Disparities Report Card, which found that 43 percent of the residents in the city's predominantly black neighborhoods had little access to healthy foods, compared to 4 percent in predominantly white neighborhoods. Meanwhile, more than two-thirds of the city's adults and almost 40 percent of high school students are overweight or obese.

In other words, the situation is a dire one. But it's not all bad news; in fact, the city of Baltimore is going to great lengths to make a change.


Aircraft Carrier CVN-77 Parks Next Door To Syria Just As US Urges Americans To Leave Country "Immediately"

Yesterday we reported that the Arab League (with European and US support) are preparing to institute a no fly zone over Syria. Today, we get an escalation which confirms we may be on the edge. Just out from CBS: "The U.S. Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens in Syria to depart "immediately," and Turkey's foreign ministry urged Turkish pilgrims to opt for flights to return home from Saudi Arabia to avoid traveling through Syria." But probably the most damning evidence that the "western world" is about to do the unthinkable and invade Syria, and in the process force Iran to retaliate, is the weekly naval update from Stratfor, which always has some very interesting if always controversial view on geopolitics, where we find that for the first time in many months, CVN 77 George H.W. Bush has left its traditional theater of operations just off the Straits of Hormuz, a critical choke point, where it traditionally accompanies the Stennis, and has parked... right next to Syria.

Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love

A taste of the upcoming feature documentary, Occupy Love.

"Love is the felt experience of connection to another being. An economist says 'more for you is less for me.' But the lover knows that more of you is more for me too. If you love somebody their happiness is your happiness. Their pain is your pain. Your sense of self expands to include other beings. This shift of consciousness is universal in everybody, 99% and 1%." ~ Charles Eisenstein

The Original Occupation: Native Blood & the Myth of Thanksgiving

Intro to that first occupation

It is a deep thing that people still celebrate the survival of the early colonists at Plymouth — by giving thanks to the Christian God who supposedly protected and championed the European invasion.

Let's see the reality of Thanksgiving -- and the founding of the United States in slavery and genocide

The real meaning of all that, then and now, needs to be continually excavated. The myths and lies that surround the past are constantly draped over the horrors and tortures of our present.

We are talking widely among ourselves about “occupying” Wall Street — taking the center of an empire back for the people of the world. We are talking about “Occupy Everything” — sharing our dreams of taking all society away from banks, police, and the heartless authority of money. We hope this moment marks a beginning of the end for them.

And yet, just such a moment cannot be understood without remembering that other occupation — the one that marked the beginning of their beginning.

Arrogant invaders occupied a land using the most naked forms of genocide. They invented new forms of slavery, slave trade and profit making. They arrived with their high-tech arms and bibles. They declared all was theirs by divine right, while they took it all with raw force.

Put another way: The nation-state who today labels millions of indigenous descendants “illegal aliens” arrived in boats with only royal corporation papers and their holy book as documents of legitimacy.


Barbara Hand Clow - Alchemy of Nine Dimensions - FULL INTERVIEW

Barbara Hand Clow joins Red Ice Radio to talk about her books The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, The Mayan Code and Catastrophobia.

She discusses the nature of the Cosmos, Consciousness, Evolution, the Creation Blueprint, the Mayan Code and Barbara takes us though a Journey of the Nine Dimensions.

She also talks about Catastrophe, the Global Elite, the Power Structure and their Fall. She is also the author of The Mind Chronicles: A Visionary Guide into Past Lives, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets, The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light.

Flash Mob Occupy Santa Ana

A testament to history as the Occupy Santa Ana Movement, in solidarity with OWS, flash mob's the world's largest slave driving institution known as Wal-Mart.

URGENT - CONFIRMED! Egyptian Police Using Deadly Gas

Crazy Egyptian protester jumps on top of armored police vehicle and attacks officer in turret

(November 23rd, 2011) A crazy Egyptian guy comes out of nowhere and attacks a police officer inside turret of armored vehicle. The armored vehicle then retreats after others follow.

Journalist stands her ground #ows

Who's streets? Well, that's a very good question. Because these officers didn't have the answer, as they tried to shoo away any body from documenting and evidencing their illegal take down of Zuccotti Park.
When asked, "do you see anybody else down here, what makes you special", and the response was, "because I know my rights", this confused the officer. Luckily, it was time to pillage the encampment, so they left our friend alone.

Anti-fascist murdered in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

18th of November 2011, 17-year old anti-fascist Mikhail Norokha was murdered in Dnepropetrovsk of Ukraine. His body was found 8 meters from an abandonded, 16 floor house. He deceased due to multiple fractures and internal bleeding, which resulted from a falling. Although he falled to his back, his nose was broken and he also had scratches in his face. Also, there were remains of pepper gas in his clothes, and his coat was torn, which is additional proof that this was not a suicide. Also, Mikhail had his mobile phone, documents and money left with him - murderers took nothing from him.

Bradley Manning supporters march on news of pre-trial hearing in SF

On November 21st, the US Army scheduled an Article 32 pretrial hearing
for PFC Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence specialist accused of
releasing classified material to WikiLeaks. The pretrial hearing will
commence on December 16th at Fort Meade, Maryland. This will be PFC
Manning’s first appearance before a court after 18 months of pretrial
confinement. Bradley is a 23-year-old, openly gay soldier who faces
life in prison. He is accused of sharing the following with WikiLeaks:
a video of the killing of civilians by a US helicopter in Iraq, the
Guantanamo Files, the Afghan War Diary, the Iraq War Logs and
revealing US diplomatic cables. In short, he's been charged with
telling the truth about controversial wars, foreign policies and
corporate and government corruption and tyranny. Supporters rallied
and marched last night, November 22nd, to support Bradley along Market
Street in San Francisco.

Gerry Barrett - Aboriginal Comedian

Gerry The Big Bear Barrett, an Ojibway from the Saugeen First Nation in Ontario, is a stand-up comedian, broadcaster and actor, currently living in Winnipeg. The Big Bear is known for his biting political satire, pop culture references, skits and live music. In 2004, The Big Bear made television history by performing on North Americas first all-Aboriginal stand-up comedy special, produced by CBC Television. Barrett has also showcased his stand-up comedy for NBC and tours comedy clubs, casinos and conferences across Canada and the United States.

Netanyahu ordered Shin Bet to investigate leaks on Iran attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen to begin investigating the information recently leaked to the media regarding Israel's preparations for a military offensive against Iran's nuclear facilities, the Kuwaiti al-Jarida newspaper reported Thursday.

According to the report, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin are those responsible for leaking information to the media regarding an attack on Iran.


20 European Banks That Are Desperate For A Solution to The Euro Crisis

EU leaders are dithering over what they should do to stem the escalating eurozone crisis, and banks across Europe are praying that they will get their act together before it's too late.

Economic conditions in core eurozone states like Germany have begun to take a hit, and signs that credit conditions are tightening for banks are everywhere. Banks with high exposures to the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain) would be the first to feel the heat of a sovereign default or euro exit.


French police battle anti-nuclear activists

French police have battled anti-nuclear protesters as the last train carrying German nuclear waste treated in France set off on its journey home.

A mobile police canteen was set on fire by demonstrators on Wednesday and at least three people were hurt, two protesters and a riot officer.

Al Jazeera's Tim Friend reports.

Fiery Speech on Native Rights, Solidarity

This fiery speech by native leader George Erasmus is an indicator of what has yet to happen. The emotion and raw aggression in his voice is firm and clear. The ability to use your voice to relay our inherent and indigenous rights is important and our leaders of today and tomorrow must speak the same path of understanding of current and future issues.


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