Saturday, October 29, 2011

Only Wall Street protests break media blockade

Cherokee activist Albert Bender writes for The Tennessean:
The largest civil disobedience protest at the White House in decades was mobilized by Native Americans and hundreds were arrested, including prominent Native actress Tantoo Cardinal and distinguished actresses Darryl Hannah and Margot Kidder.

The protest was a two-week sit-in, Aug. 20-Sept. 3, at the White House gates to stop presidential approval of a proposed oil pipeline across the western U.S. It was described by consumer advocate Ralph Nader as “the most extraordinary citizen-organizing event in recent White House history.”

But where was the mainstream media coverage of this momentous protest? This was the most consequential continuing Native American demonstration since the Wounded Knee occupation and others of the 1970s. This should have been front-page news across the country. The Associated Press was conspicuously silent and even The Washington Post was mute.

This amply illustrates that the corporate media are the inveterate enemy of U.S. democracy. A functioning democracy requires the free flow of information and a free press is an indispensable part of the democratic process. This protest was hidden from the general public by a corporate media blackout, plainly out of fear that it would inspire other citizen actions. But for the Native American media, the blackout would have been successful.

Native Americans and their allies were descended upon day after day by D.C. SWAT teams, allegedly for carrying signs that read “Obama honor the Treaties” and “Stop the Keystone XL pipeline” too close to the White House gates. Protesters were taken away in handcuffs, and the first 100 arrested were kept in jail on cement floors for 52 hours, possibly to discourage others who planned to follow this first wave. ...

Occupy Melbourne calls for Treaty with Indigenous Australia

Occupy Melbourne released the statement below on October 27.
Occupy Melbourne’s 8th general assembly passed a proposal, put forward by the Indigenous Working Group, to support the creation of a treaty between the First Nations of Australia and the Australian Commonwealth Government.
The call for recognition of Aboriginal Sovereignty gained public prominence in Australia with the establishment of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1972.
At the 1988 Barunga culture and sporting festival Prime Minister Bob Hawke declared his intention to negotiate a treaty with the Aboriginal First Nations by 1990. Yet, such a treaty was never established.
In December this year the Australian Government will consider options for formally recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the constitution.
Robbie Thorpe, member of Occupy Melbourne’s Indigenous Working Group, argues that Constitutional recognition isn’t enough to protect the sovereign rights of Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples.
Thorpe asserts: “Without a treaty Australia doesn’t have a foundation for its law. The Treaty should underpin the Constitution, rather than having the Aboriginal People slotted into the Constitution 100 years later.”

Uncle Ben Taylor

Uncle Ben Taylor is an Aboriginal elder, who is being denied the right to address the commonwealth.
He will be giving a welcome to country and addressing the crowd at the chogm protest on the abuses against Aboriginal people.


Angry aboriginal protestor promising a legal challenge to CHOGM laws stoping her from practising her indigenous sovereign rights to go anywhere in Australia.

Pará: Statement From Partners On #OccupyBeloMonteDam - Update - Hundreds Protest At Belo Monte Dam Site

Yesterday the Belo Monte Dam construction site was occupied by 400 indigenous people, fishermen and riverine community members who oppose the project due to its severe environmental impacts and human rights violations. The occupation was a collective decision made by 700 representatives from local communities who attended a seminar against the Belo Monte Dam held this week in Altamira, and it proved an important step forward in the continuing struggle to halt the project.

American Indians Plan to Occupy Glen Cove Sacred Site to Prevent Park Construction

By six o’clock Thursday evening, two dozen American Indians, from various tribes, had already gathered at the Glen Cove sacred site to monitor and to show solidarity to prevent the Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD) from starting construction for a proposed park.
A Full Occupation is to Begin this Morning at 8 am pdt.

Lakota Media Project Photos: A Day with Daryl Hannah and Tom Weis

Huichol protest against mining project in Sacred Area - Mexico City

Huichol native American people protested in front of President Felipe Calderon's residence, demanding respect for their sacred and protected areas from a planned mining project in the state of San Luis de Potosi. Mexico. 27th October 2011

'Occupy' protests give birth to new catchphrase

The nearly 6-week-old social protest in Manhattan has inspired campaigns, headlines and spoofs that often have nothing to do with income inequality or challenging corporate overlords: Occupy the NBA and Occupy the Bathroom are just a couple.

VIDEO: Who shot Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland?

Protests at Commonwealth summit as leaders set to debate plans for new stronger line on civil rights abuses

Protesters laid siege to the Commonwealth summit in Perth, Australia, this morning as leaders met to debate how human rights can be secured across all 54 member states.
Police locked down the city centre as 1,500 protesters gathered for a demonstration and march through the city streets to coincide with the opening of the summit.
The lead-up to the event has been dominated by pressure on Commonwealth leaders to take a tougher line on human and political rights abuses.

60s Scoop Era Canada: Thousands of Native Kids Stolen & Sold in Adoption $$$ by Church & State!

Yet another Stolen Generation by the Church. This time, in Canada.
Religious leaders and the government of Canada have so-called "apologized" to First Nations peoples for the abusive experiences they endured in the residential school system. Yes, they have said "sorry" for abusing 150,000 children, somehow they want the world to think this was a "mistake", or "regrettable"....but sure enough, the abuse did not end there...

Residential schools was not the only organized crime scheme put in place by the Church - and facilitated by the State - in an attempt to assimilate Aboriginal children into mainstream Anglo-Canadian society through separation from their families. A sudden acceleration in child "welfare workers" removing Native children from their Aboriginal communities coincided with the dismantling of the church run education system. (You can clearly see how Church and State work together to implement and cover up these crimes)

As the next painful chapter in the history of the colonization of Canada's Aboriginal peoples, the Sixties Scoop quickly evolved into the aggressive tool for assimilation and cultural genocide.

Thousands of Native Children were sold into adoption since the Church just how much money each child would generate in terms of profit.

Here you can see the courageous men and women speaking out against these organized crime scheme, as they want justice. To-date the corrupt and evil churches involved have not been encarcerated for ruining the lives of thousands of children just so that they can generate dishonest gains and continue fooling the masses with their false "holy appearance".

Enough is enough! The Protect Your Children Foundation exposes the evil organized crime schemes implemented by the Vatican and other religions on a worldwide scale. We are out to alert households of these evil men and women who use God's name to gain trust and commit crimes.

Visit us at: or

New Rules for Dictatorship Crimes in South America
A generation after dictatorships gave way to democracy in South America, Brazil and Uruguay are catching up to their neighbors in digging into long-buried crimes against humanity.
A "truth and reconciliation" commission to investigate four decades of human rights abuses passed Brazil's Congress unanimously this week. On Thursday, Uruguay's Congress revoked a military amnesty and classified dictatorship-era kidnappings, torture and killings as crimes against humanity.

Occupy London could be protected by Christian ring of prayer
Coalition of Christian groups plan to prevent forcible attempts to remove tents outside St Paul's Cathedral

It is Past Time to Stop Using the Rest of the World as Our Penal Colonies
Our Honored & Decorated Hard-Core Criminals in ‘Their’ Backyard

War and Serfdom: Is This The World We Really Want to Live In?
I'm raising three sons in a world that I don't want them to live in. A world of hate, deception, war, injustice, and serfdom. A world that seems out of our control to change. If given a choice, who would want to live in that world?

COG - Are You Interested (Official Video)

COG's video for the single "Are You Interested" from the Album "Sharing Space" (2008)
Produced By Silo:6 For COG 2008

Marine Says Oakland Used Crowd Control Methods That Are Prohibited In War Zones
As the events that led to Oakland protester Scott Olsen's head injury continue to unfold and investigations begin, we thought it important to offer some perspective.

A Memorandum in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples
I went to the General Assembly at Occupy Oakland tonight where a group of us proposed the following memorandum, which passed with 97% support! I'm writing another post about Occupy Oakland, but wanted to post this tonight. The full text...

Marine Scott Olsen Will Undergo Brain Surgery, And OccupyMARINES Are Making Demands

From Business Insider:

...In response to the police tactics, OccupyMARINES have issued a formal list of requests in Oakland. Whether these requests are pursued or met should be an indicator of how strong or extensive this branch of the movement has become.

Original demands below:

OccupyMARINES Have Watched Closely The Response From The OPD, The Mayor, The Governor, And All Others Involved In The Oakland Attack On Peaceful Demonstrators; We Have Observed These Pathetic Cowards Refuse Responsibility For Their Actions That May Very Well Alter The Course Of Our Brother’s Life. Additionally, Many Other Police Departments Nationwide Deploy Similar Riot Tactics Against Demonstrators Honoring The OWS 8, A Peaceful Declaration Of Assembly; We Will Organize Peacefully Against These Departments.

In Response To The Oakland Shooting Of Scott Olsen OccupyMARINES Request The Following:

The GOP Cowards Responsible For Influencing This Event Be Brought To Justice. Track Names And Photos Of Each And Email Them To Us
Identify The 300 OPD Riot Officers By Name, Photo, And Badge Number With Boots On The Ground Engaging In Illegal Excessive Force Acts Against Peaceful Americans For Prosecution.
Identify The Officer Responsible For Harming Scott Olsen By Name And Photo For Prosecution.
The Honorable Resignation Of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan And Acting Police Chief Howard Jordan.
A Public Apology From California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. For The Unlawful Injury Of Our Brother Scott Olsen.

We Fully Intend To Make An Example, Legally And Peacefully, Of The Corwards Associated With Harming An American Veteran. We Will Not Stop Until Our Aforementioned Demands Are Met In Their Entirety.

God Be With Scott Olsen, We Pray A Speedy Recovery For Him And His Mother.

Semper Fidelis Scott Olsen

Keep Pushing Forward America We Support You.

Occupy Vancouver will remain despite police crackdown in U.S.

It was an unusual juxtaposition: Occupy Vancouver campers – now firmly entrenched in their ever-growing tent village – versus a condominium-dwelling corporate lawyer who lives a block away from their art gallery encampment.

Meet the 0.01 Percent: War Profiteers

War industry CEOs make tens of millions of dollars a year, putting them in the top 0.01 percent of income earners in the U.S.
Northrop Grumman CEO Wes Bush made $22.84 million last year.
Lockheed Martin CEO Robert Stevens made $21.89 million.
Boeing CEO James McNerney: $19.4 million.
These guys use their corporations' massive lobbying dollars to keep their job-killing gravy train rolling. Last year, their companies spent a whopping $46 million on lobbying, corrupting our politics and ensuring that their bank accounts continue to fatten at our expense. These executives are some of the main reasons why we're wasting so much on war instead of rebuilding our own nation here at home.
Help us fight their propaganda campaign to protect their profits. Use our list to share this video with your local Occupy group and encourage them to show it at their events:
CORRECTION: Lockheed Martin's CEO is Robert Stevens. The video refers to him as "Martin Stevens" which is incorrect.

How Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job

Joining the Occupy Wall Street protests has its dangers. You could get pepper-sprayed or end up in handcuffs. Or, as Brooklyn-based journalist Caitlin Curran explains, your boss could see a photo of you holding up a sign at a protest and fire you the next day.

Businessweek's Bennett on Anarchist Graeber, Protests (Video)

Bloomberg Businessweek's Drake Bennett talks about his profile of anthropologist and anarchist David Graeber, one of the founding figures of the Occupy Wall Street protest. Bennett speaks on Bloomberg Television's "InBusiness with Margaret Brennan."

Quote and Comment

Reuters vs. Reuters: News agency makes an ass of itself by trying to connect George Soros to Occupy Wall Street.
But some Reuters people realize it, and call their company out! “There was no story, and nothing to report.”
Reuters then backs down, changing the story line on its report. Or does it?

: Vermin Supreme files for New Hampshire's presidential primary at the State House in Concord on Friday afternoon, October 28, 2012. Supreme filed after Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday.

Greek Protesters Call President "Traitor"

October 28th is Greece’s national “beat up your local politician” day
In what was supposed to be a day of nationalist propaganda, with military parades across the Greek territory (a remnant of military dictatorships past) to celebrate the “national day”, things have taken quite a different turn.

Greek protest halts holiday parade

Greeks protest govt. cuts on 'Oxi Day'
Greek protesters demonstrate against the government's austerity measures on "Oxi Day," Friday, October 28, 2011.
Thousands of people in Greece have protested the government's austerity measures on the anniversary of the Greek “Oxi Day” (No Day) by holding massive demonstrations across the country, Press TV reports.

October 28 2011 kanal5 televizija Macedonia Makedonija
Greeks protesting at austerity measures demanded by foreign lenders blocked a major national parade on Friday to commemorate Greek resistance in World War Two, shouting "traitors" at President Karolos Papoulias and other officials.
The protest in Thessaloniki was echoed at smaller parades across Greece, including in Athens where marchers held black ribbons. It showed the extent of anger at the higher taxes and wage cuts sought by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund in return for funds to avert a debt default.
The annual military parade in the northern city is one of the most symbolic events in Greece's political calendar and commemorates the rejection of Italy's ultimatum to surrender in 1940. It was the first time it had been cancelled.
Greek protesters call president "traitor," halt parade


Greeks abandon cash resort to bartering

Due to the money crisis in Greece many people have resorted to bartering. The Time Bank is the name of the service swapping that has been growing. Will more Greeks adopt this practice? Sara Firth tells us more.

Hey G20, Here Comes #ROBINHOOD


Alright you rebels, redeemers and believers out there, At the height of the global uprisings in 1968, protesters confidently heralded "The Beginning of a New Epoch." To this bravado, Zbigniew Brzezinski, then the national security advisor to the president of the United States, retorted that the protests were nothing but "the death rattle of the historical irrelevants." And

indeed the first global revolution the world had ever seen suddenly fizzled out. To this day no one quite knows why.

For the moment, #OCCUPY has the magic and the ear of the world, and anything seems possible. We could see a soft regime change in America and a resurgence of the political left worldwide.

As winter approaches, many occupiers will dig in for the long haul. Others will decamp until spring and channel their energy into myriad projects. Many of the big ideas for rejuvenating and reenchanting the world that have been swirling around the left for the last 20 years will pick up steam. From revoking corporate personhood to de-commercializing the cultural commons, to separating money from politics, to the birth of a True Cost Party of America … we are entering a sustained period of boots-on-the-ground transformation.

And every now and again we will have a worldwide blast reminiscent of the global march against the Iraq war eight years ago. The next of these blasts could happen as early as this Saturday when #ROBINHOOD strikes the G20.a feImagine a few million people rising up and sending a message to the G20 leaders meeting November 3/4 in France: "This austerity vs. stimulus debate you've foisted on us doesn't mean a damn thing… It's obvious you have no idea how to get

us out of this economic mess you put us in. So now we are telling you what we want: a radical transformation of casino capitalism… we want you to slow down fast money with a 1% #ROBINHOOD tax on all financial transactions and currency trades." ...

~ ~ ~

Robin Hoods and Merry Bands...coming to a city near you!

Eight years ago, on February 15, 2003, upwards of 15 million people in sixty countries marched together to stop President Bush from invading Iraq ... a huge chunk of humanity lived for one day without dead time and glimpsed the power of a united people's movement. Now we have an opportunity to repeat that performance on an even larger scale.
On October 29, on the eve of the G20 Leaders Summit in France, let's the people of the world rise up and demand that our G20 leaders immediately impose a 1% #ROBINHOOD tax on all financial transactions and currency trades. Let's send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3-trillion easy money that's sloshing around the global casino each day -- enough cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world.
Take this idea to your local general assembly and join your comrades in the streets on October 29.

Robin Hood Tax

We told you about Occupy The Boardroom, and today the same magazine that introduced the Occupy movement wants to propose a tax idea based on the classic tale of Robin Hood who took from the rich and gave to the poor. The tax plan called, Robin Hood Tax proposes a 1% financial tax on all financial transactions and currency trades. And Adbusters is calling for a global march on October 29th, the day before the G20 leaders summit in France, to demand leaders impose this tax immediately.

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard
Roger Dorion is plotting a revolution.

He’s organizing Kitchen Gardeners; a special breed of subversives. They are self-reliant seekers of “the Good Life” who have understood the central role that home-grown and home- cooked food plays in one’s well-being. By seeking an active role in their own sustenance, they are modern-day participants in humankind’s oldest and most basic activity, offering a critical link to our past and positive vision for our future. They are a little bit subversive and a little bit revolutionary

Occupy London protest issues demands to democratise City of London
Activists at St Paul's Cathedral call for end to Square Mile's 'unconstitutional power and influence'

What is the notion of the real democracy?

Many politicians and workers in the main strem media machinery are not familliar with the genuine experiment of the 15O movement. Political thinker Michael Hardt provides the explanation.

Indigenous campaigners occupy Belo Monte Amazon dam
Hundreds of campaigners have occupied the construction site of the
Belo Monte dam project in the Brazilian Amazon.

Tribute to the 15O Worldwide
Posted by Niel - O.T.R.O on 10/27/2011 in #15oct, Videos · 0 Comments
[This post continue to be updated everyday days as we collect and filter the information]
We’re collecting data (videos, press release, photos…) from October 15th in a unique Site.

Occupy Wall Street Beats Tea Party in Searches on Google
Google has added its perspective — with a search-data-based popularity contest — to the comparisons between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. The data rules in favor of Occupy Wall Street. Users searched for the nascent movement more than the Tea Party for the first time in the United States on Sept. 24, according to Google’s politics blog. Search traffic for the term “Occupy Wall Street” has remained higher ever since.

Occupy Oakland: Egyptian Protesters To Hold Pro-Occupy Rally Friday
Egyptian protesters who have camped out in Cairo's Tahrir Square are set to march to the U.S. Embassy Friday, in a rally of support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Marines protect Oakland Solidarity March in NYC

Last night around a thousand protesters turned up in New York to show solidarity with Occupy Oakland. At one point NYPD officers began arresting and violently beating the demonstrators, even after they were forced to the ground. Among those who stood up for the protesters was Sgt. Shamar Thomas and his fellow US Marines.
Video is courtesy of Luke Rudkowsky of

From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Earth
What if rising sea levels are yet another measure of inequality? What if the degradation of our planet's life-support systems -- its atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere -- goes hand in hand with the accumulation of wealth, power, and control by that corrupt and greedy 1% we are hearing about from Zuccotti Park? What if the assault on America's middle class and the assault on the environment are one and the same?

Jacob Appelbaum Detained At Keflavík Airport
Grapevine has learned that Tor Project member and WikiLeaks representative Jacob Appelbaum has been detained at Keflavík International Airport.

21st C MF Blues-remix

A video clip to go with the song of the same name by Nimbin's own Pagan Love Cult inc.
Words & Music © Neil PIke

Arab Spring activists win prestigious Europe right prize
Five Arab Spring activists won Europe’s prestigious Sakharov rights prize Thursday, starting with the Tunisian fruit seller whose self-immolation sparked the revolutions that toppled dictators.

Are global revolts capable of shaking elites around the world?
Are global revolts capable of shaking elites around the world? Are all of these revolts interconnected and can they develop into a global counter-force? Or is each revolt unique and thus should be examined accordingly? And if they manage to bring the system down, will they be able to put a better one in place?

'Hold Your Heart' Delayed Justice for Missing Insurgency Victims
A report released on Thursday by Human Rights Watch appealed to the Kenyan government to open an inquiry into the arrests, to exhume suspected mass graves and to investigate atrocities committed by both the army and the SLDF.

From The Incoherent Web Files Project:



image from

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