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Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people

From Stephen C. Webster's article in Raw Story:

... Eerie as that may be, more perplexing, however, is a federal contract from the 6th Contracting Squadron at MacDill Air Force Base, located south of Tampa, Florida, that solicits providers of "persona management software."

While there are certainly legitimate applications for such software, such as managing multiple "official" social media accounts from a single input, the more nefarious potential is clear.

Unfortunately, the Air Force's contract description doesn't help dispel suspicions. As the text explains, the software would require licenses for 50 users with 10 personas each, for a total of 500. These personas would have to be "replete with background , history, supporting details, and cyber presences that are technically, culturally and geographacilly consistent."

It continues, noting the need for secure virtual private networks that randomize the operator's Internet protocol (IP) address, making it impossible to detect that it's a single person orchestrating all these posts. Another entry calls for static IP address management for each persona, making it appear as though each fake person was consistently accessing from the same computer each time. ...

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Psychological Warfare and the New World Order

"... As soon as the press announced Barack Obama’s electoral victory, millions of patriotic Americans rushed to gun stores and bough millions of guns and many billions of rounds of ammo in preparation for the coming civil war. They ignore, however, that the war already begun almost a century ago. As I have shown above in this book, however, it is not a shooting war, but a psychological war. Its battlegrounds are not physical but mental. Its most potent weapons are not nuclear, chemical or biological, but deception, propaganda and lies, and it has worked to perfection.

As Sun Tzu wisely advised, only the ones who know the enemy like themselves will be victorious in all battles. Unfortunately, however, most Americans ignore who their real enemy is. Thanks to the efforts of professional disinformers like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, many believe that just by changing the Democrats in Washington D.C, everything would be okay. Apparently they ignore that the Obama administration is just the seamless continuation of the Bush II administration, which was the seamless continuation of the Clinton administration, which was the seamless continuation of the Bush I administration . . . ad nauseam. ..."

Interview of Servando Gonzalez in February 2011 on the Barry Chamish Radio Show:

~ Also check out Rob McNealy interview of Servando Gonzalez ~

Keen On... Mike Daisey: Steve Jobs

Mike Daisey on his monologue, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

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Radio Newscast 8-18-72: Bicyclist Hijacks Airplane (!), GOP Middle East Plank, Egypt-Soviet Tension

Excerpt from radio newscast of August 18, 1972, WOR, New York City. 

Anti-Vietnam War man on bicycle hijacks an airplane in Reno, Nevada. (Airport security was different back then from what it is now!) See below for more details on the hijacking. Republican Party at 1972 convention adopts a plank on Middle East in support of Israel. Says Democratic plan to cut military spending is dangerous. Tensions reported between Egypt and the Soviet Union. 

Time Magazine reported the story of the bicycle-hijacking:

Skyjacking had never looked easier. Last week, a few hours after daybreak, Frank Markoe Sibley Jr., 43, of Stateline, Nev., pulled a ski mask over his face, slung an M-l rifle across the handlebars of his bicycle, and pedaled through a gap in the fence surrounding the Reno Municipal Airport—the same gap used by another hijacker three months ago. (Reno has applied for federal funds for a new fence, but has yet to receive them.) Ditching his bike, he slipped the rifle under his green field jacket, bulled his way into the line of passengers boarding a United Air Lines Boeing 727 bound for San Francisco, and took command of the aircraft.

Sibley's demands were as unusual as his methods. Besides $2,000,000 in $20 and $50 bills and $8,000 worth of gold bars—the highest ransom ever demanded in the U.S.—he insisted upon items ranging from three Thompson submachine guns and 300 feet of nylon rope to ammonia inhalers, smelling salts, pep pills and sleeping pills. Once the passengers were off the plane, it flew to Vancouver, B.C. Told that that much U.S. currency was not on hand in Vancouver, Sibley ordered the plane to Seattle. En route, he handed the crew a four-page statement explaining his motives, and ordered the captain to have it read over radio stations in Vancouver and Seattle.

"We are a well-disciplined, paramilitary organization fed up with Nixon's broken promises and deceit, which is clearly expressed by his secret buildup of forces in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia," began Sibley's statement. He went on to say that United Air Lines was a "major contributor to the war effort," and he threatened to destroy not only the plane he had hijacked but the entire United fleet. "It is those who support and encourage this war who should be prosecuted, not us," the hijacker wrote.

By sunset, 40 FBI agents had coordinated an attack on the plane, which was parked at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Two agents, posing as relief pilots, boarded through the side door from a forklift truck, while others stormed up the rear gangway. Sibley, wounded in the shoulder and leg, was taken to the hospital. When it was announced that no one else had been injured in the shootout, the crowd of observers broke into applause.

Hadron Collider Reveals Universal Urge to Unite

The Initial findings of the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland unexpectedly reveals that the emerging collision particles seem to fly in the same direction which indicates an internal structure or consciousness, which, I would claim, is a Unified Field of love and connectedness whose principle property is the universal urge to unite: Allen L Roland

The current uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East of oppressed people seeking freedom is, I would venture, the gradualsurfacing of a world wide innate need to unite in a collective state of social cooperation and altruism ~ the driving force of evolution. The latest advances in science could well be revealing this very same phenomenon is the basic stuff of molecular matter.

Let’s use the latest findings of the Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) near Switzerland as an example. Amir D. Aczel , Scientific America, reports on February 11, 2011 that Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider are trying to solve a puzzle of their own making ~ why particles sometimes fly in sync with each other: “ Last summer physicists noticed that some of the particles created by their proton collisions appeared to be synchronizing their flight paths, like flocks of birds. The findings were so bizarre that “we’ve spent all the time since [then] convincing ourselves that what we were seeing was real,”says Guido Tonelli, a spokesperson for CMS, one of two general-purpose experiments at the LHC.

[ ... ]

Now, here is my take on these findings as applied to myUnified Field of Love and Soul Consciousness which isThe basic underlying force of the universe is a psychic energy field of universal love, within which gravitational and electromagnetic fields, the strong and weak forces in the atom, and all other forces of nature, including time and space, are merely conditions of state. Within this psychic realm of love, paranormal events such as clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and near-death experiences are also conditions of state. The principal property of this field of love is its propensity to unite, complete and fulfill all living beings within a constantly evolving loving plan. This field of love is the absolute constant of the universe in that within it, time and space do not exist. Thus, we are instantly joined with the past, present and future of a universe which is in the process of uniting, completing and fulfilling itself.

Thus, it appears that the strong force in the atom is the urge to unite which is the principle property of my Unified Field. It is the same urge to unite that Bose and Einstein found in the 1920s when they discovered that photons ( light particles ) have a “spooky tendency” to travel together versus acting randomly ~ which eventually led to the discovery of the laser. Einstein used his mathematical formulations to predict the behavior of large groups of atoms full of excess energy and with the potential to emit a photon. He wanted to see what would happen if a stray photon passes by the atom group ~ Lo and behold, he found that a stray photon not only stimulated the atoms to release their photons earlier they expected, but that the emitted photons then went in the same direction and at exactly the same frequency as the original stray photon!

The same urge to unite that is now being observed 90 years later with the findings of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland.

It is also the same urge to unite that Teilhard de Chardin spoke of when he wrote ~ If there were no real propensity to unite , even at a prodigiously rudimentary level, indeed, in the molecule itself ~ it would be physically impossible for love to appear higher up in the ' hominized ' or human form.

~ Many thanks to OmEric for sharing ~

Copenhagen hippie haven belongs to Denmark: court

(AFP) Denmark's supreme court on Friday ruled that Copenhagen's "free city" of Christiania, long a refuge for hippies and artists, belongs to the state and cannot be freely used by the squatters.

"The state-accorded usage rights of Christiania are not unlimited," the court said, upholding and finalising an appeals court ruling in 2009.
The Supreme Court did not however order the squatters who have occupied the enclave since 1971 to leave, but said they must return to the negotiating table.

The court also said the residents should accept a "normalisation" of Christiania's status, ordered by the government in 2004.
Christiania was founded on September 26, 1971 when a band of guitar-laden hippies made an abandoned army barracks in central Copenhagen their home. They raised their "freedom flag" and named their new abode "Christiania, free city".

Chinese Regime Developing Military to Defeat US, Says Report

By Joshua Philipp, Epoch Times

While U.S. officials continue to attempt to conduct business with the Chinese regime, behind the scenes, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is building a military intended to defeat the United States.

“It is clear that we are dealing with a military that is focused and serious about finding ways in which to defeat us should a conflict occur,” states a testimony given to the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission, by Roger Cliff of the RAND Corporation, on Jan. 27.

“Although the ongoing conflicts in Southwest Asia will rightly remain the emphasis of U.S. military resources and planning for the time being, we also need to engage in an effort to acquire the capabilities to counter those that China is acquiring that are at least as focused and systematic as those which China is engaged in,” states Cliff.

The CCP military strategy is designed to defeat a military that is superior using “anti-access” strategies. It is developing ways to disable or destroy the elements that would give the United States an upper hand on the battlefield without having to engage them directly in combat.

Ambitions are very clear when it comes to the regime’s overall goals. One report, “Global geopolitical changes and China’s strategic choices” by Li Limin, describes China’s desire to disrupt relations between the United States and Japan, control Taiwan and the South China Sea, and keep its own military strength hidden.

Labor Movement in the United States

By Alice Kessler-Harris, Jewish Women's Archive

Jewish American women have played a central role in the American labor movement since the beginning of the twentieth century. As women, they brought to trade unions their sensibilities about the organizing process and encouraged labor to support government regulation to protect women in the workforce. As Jews who emerged from a left-wing cultural tradition, they nurtured a commitment to social justice, which would develop into what is often called “social unionism.” From their position as an ethnic and religious minority, as well as from their position as women, they helped to shape the direction of the mainstream labor movement.

Jewish mass immigration reached the United States just as the ready-made clothing industry hit its stride at the turn of the century—a circumstance that provided men and women with unprecedented incentives to unionize. In the Old Country, where jobs were scarce, daughters were married off as fast as possible. But many immigrant women had learned to sew in the workshops of Russian and Polish towns, and in America, where families counted on their contributions, they were expected to work. Girls sometimes immigrated as teenagers, seeking out an uncle or older sister who might help them to find a first job so that some part of their wages could be sent back to Europe. The wages of other young women helped to pay the rent, to buy food and clothing, to bring relatives to America, and to keep brothers in school. When they married, young women normally stopped working in the garment shops. But, much as in the Old Country, they were still expected to contribute to family income, sometimes by taking in clothing to sew at home.

In early twentieth-century New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and other large cities, only the exceptional unmarried woman did not operate a sewing machine in a garment factory for part of her young adult life. Factory or sweatshop work before marriage and the expectation of some form of paid labor afterward fostered a continuing set of ties to the garment industry for this first generation of urban Jewish American women, encouraging a community of understanding around its conditions and continuing support for the ever-changing stream of workers who entered it. Women who worked long hours at extraordinarily low wages, in unsanitary and unsafe working conditions, and faced continual harassment to boot, found succor in their communities and benefited from a class-conscious background.
To be sure, competitive individualism and the desire to make it in America could hinder unionization efforts. But a well-developed ethic of social justice played an equally important role, producing perhaps the most politically aware of all immigrant groups. Socialist newspapers predominated in New York’s Yiddish-speaking Lower East Side. Jews were well represented in the Socialist Party after 1901. Though their unions were weak, Jews were among the best organized of semiskilled immigrants. In the immigrant enclaves of America’s large cities, as in Europe, women benefited from the shared sense that women worked for their families, as they absorbed much of their community’s concern for social justice. This did not deflect the desire of working women to get out of the shops, but it did contribute to the urge to make life in them better.

Still, even under these circumstances, it could not have been easy for a woman to become politically active. A number of small unions dotted New York’s Lower East Side at the turn of the century. There, where the boss was almost always an immigrant like oneself and sometimes a relative, and where shops were small and vulnerable, unions sprang up and flowered, or withered, as trade picked up and declined. Organized largely by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) and members of a socialist umbrella organization called the United Hebrew Trades, they reflected the weakness of a labor movement rooted in an industry of poorly paid workers and undercapitalized ventures.

The men in these unions did not, at first, welcome the women, placing them in a dilemma. In order to improve their working lives, incipient activists found themselves choosing between a conservative trade union movement hostile to women in the workforce and a women’s movement whose members did not work for wages. A young and inexperienced Rose Schneiderman, for example, was turned away from the cap-makers’ union to solicit the signatures of twenty-five of her coworkers before the union would acknowledge them or provide aid. Her friend Pauline Newman recalled that when she and her friends “organized a group, we immediately called the union so that they would take the members in.” Despite the early devotion of women—despite the fact that women were often baited, beaten, and arrested on picket lines—the ILGWU insisted that women, destined for marriage, were unorganizable. Even those who managed to enter were badly treated. During the 1905 cap-makers’ strike, for example, married men got strike benefits but even women who were supporting widowed mothers and young siblings received nothing.

IMAGINE PEACE 2011 by Yoko Ono Lennon

Dear Friends,

Today, February 18th, 2011, I am 78.

I know you are asking many questions on Twitter and elsewhere about what I am really like. It's something I would love to know, too! One day it will suddenly dawn on us …maybe.

The world situation is too urgent for us now to discuss trivial things, like what I eat for breakfast.

We are at a point in human history when we have to wake up and realize that the only people who can save the world are us.

Every hour that goes by without us doing anything about it affects us, and affects the world that we love so much.

In his State of the Union Speech, President Obama said we should do "big things." Well, we are already doing the biggest thing anybody in the human history could ever hope for.

Together, we are creating a world of Peace, Love and Freedom, all while the negative forces try their hardest to stop us.

With their power, they want to control the whole world. But we will not let them.

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