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Will a stake through the heart work against Wall St. and the Pentagon?

A whole lot of high-profile exorcizing has taken place during 2011:

Church Group Performs ‘Exorcism’ On Steps Of JPMorgan

“We are asking the almighty gods to chase the demons out of Chase.”

Clergy Perform Exorcism On Chase Bank To Banish 'Demons Of Selfishness, Avarice' from New York Communities for Change on Vimeo.

Frustrated by the lack of action from JP Morgan Chase in offering assistance to families facing foreclosure, clergy members across New York City and Long Island gathered in front of the bank’s Park Avenue headquarters to close their accounts. Clergy include Rev. Ramirez, Bishop Findlayter, Rev. Malcolm and Elder Seaton.

Greek Orthodox priest performs ritual to banish parliament

Mexico holds National Exorcism Congress for the 5th time

The Catholic Church has Eucharistic Congress, international Youth Congress and Family Congress held regularly in different countries. But this is the first time I heard of Exorcism Congress. Apparently Mexico has already hosted the event five times. Very timely indeed since the incidence of diabolical possession grew over the past decades all over the world, that even Hollywood was prompted to produce movies with the same theme. But in Mexico, even the laity are invited to attend the said congress to aid them in differentiating between possession and mental disorders.

Exorcists stage conference in Poland to tackle ‘vampires’

Vampires, the devil’s deceit and mental illness are among the hot topics for some 300 exorcists who flocked to Poland this week from as far away as Africa and India for a week-long congress.
Held at Poland’s Roman Catholic Jasna Gora monastery, home to the venerated Black Madonna icon, this year’s congress “examines the current fashion for vampirism in Europe and the world-over, schizophrenia and other mental disorders as well as the devil’s deceit during exorcism,” according to the monastery’s radio station.

Levitate Wall Street

Is Capitalism the Religion of Money? Will the Majority Exorcise the Money Trust?


Capitalism concealed as a Religion of Money can best be unconcealed using Hobbes' Theory of Authority and Power. This doctrine is well explained in Stephen Holmes' Introduction to Behemoth.1 Using Hobbes' doctrine as foundational ground, the following analogic arguments can be advanced:

The Church has been veiled up as the Mediator between Man and God. Banks too have been veiled up -- as Intermediaries between Man and Capital. Both the Church and Banks have posed as gatekeepers2 -- to Heaven or Hell, and to Fortune or Misfortune, respectively.
The secret of religious Authority has been the Psychological Manipulation of the People's Beliefs.3 Both Clergymen and Bankers have posed as intermediaries with special powers. Both have extracted Submission through Fear or "Anxiety" -- Fear of Excommunication and Damnation,4 or fear of Bankruptcy and Financial Ruin. The Church's Psychological dominion has required control over the Scriptures, their Interpretation, and Propaganda.5 Psychological dominion by the Mighty has required control over the Laws and over the Media -- today's perfect Tool for Mass Manipulation. The current increase in the Monopolization of the Media in the United States and in Canada is a bad omen of things to come.
The Essence of Mind Manipulation consists in first divorcing Man from his Conscience, then in Taking Control of his Behavior. The Indoctrination has been Codified as follows: without Obedience to the Church, the Individual is left without Protection from Evil and Damnation.6 This same fiction obtained with the Money Trust: without Obedience and Servitude, the Individual is Vulnerable to Dangers. He must therefore Govern Himself Accordingly.

Fraudulent doctrines. Fraudulent doctrines, masquerading as Religion, have been assailed by the best philosophers. "[A]rtificial religion encourages all the cruelties done in association, conspiracies, seditions, robbery, ambushes, attacks on towns, pillages . . . Each one marches gaily off to crime under the banner of his saint" wrote Voltaire.7 Of course, exposing evil, fraud, and malice is not easy. According to Voltaire, one runs the risk of being "accused of atheism by fanatics and rascals, and condemned by fools."8

The unconcealers of fraudulent doctrines can rest assured; they are in good company. The accused, the censored, the excommunicated, the exiled, etc., include: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Paul, Dante, Luther, Galileo, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Voltaire, Hume, Rousseau, Kant, Paine, Russell, Bohm, Pauling, etc.

To understand the Darkness in Capitalism it helps to understand the "Darkness in Religion."9 Of all the philosophers, probably none assailed more vigorously this Darkness than Hobbes, and none mocked it better than Voltaire. The "Power Ecclesiastiques," Hobbes wrote, was nothing but "Usurpation" disguised as "Gods Right"10 [original spelling retained]. Hobbes accused the Pope and the Roman Clergy of his time of having been the chief beneficiaries from "unlawfull Power" derived from "dark Doctrines."11 "Ecclesiasticall Dominion," he argued, was a horrible mischief maintained through a "Vain Philosophy"12 -- Infallibility of the Pope, Exemptions and special privileges for the Clergy, Power over the Sacramentation of Marriage, intelligence collection from Auricular Confession,13 Canonization powers, Demonology and Exorcism, Power to Excommunicate,14 etc.

Inspired by these revelations, thinking cynics may deduce that all may not be for the best with Capitalism:

Is Capitalism the Religion of Money? Is it a Dark Doctrine for Dominating Man as Object to be Exploited?
Are the Powers, Privileges, and Indulgences of the Money Trust qua Religion Unlawful?
Is the Doctrine of the Marketplace Infallible? Is the Marketplace a Fabulous Usurpation disguised as Free Exchange?
Are Banks the Churches of Capitalism, and Bankers its Clergy?
Are Loan Applications Auricular Confessions?
Are Credit Bureaus -- the Money Trust's instrument for maintaining an Index of Credit Information -- the Capitalist version of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum?
Are defilement and harassment practices and procedures of Collection Agencies the Capitalist version of the Inquisition's Malleus Maleficarum?
Is Bankruptcy the Capitalists' Power to Excommunicate?

To challenge the Evils of Capitalism, one must grasp the essence of its Power qua Religion. Based on Hobbes' unconcealment, one can see that the Mighty's struggle for mastery of Man as Servant is not secure and cannot be permanent because:


Gulling and Duping. Hobbes believed that the Papacy was a "Kingdom of Fairies" -- a Kingdom which could only exist in "the Fancies of ignorant people . . . "16

The Power of the Papacy endured as long as Fear could be used to Seduce the people.17 Hobbes' revelations mean that the Mighty command power by gulling the multitude; and that their Authority is based on psychologically duping the vast majority of the people. By analogy: the Power of Capitalists endures as long as Capitalists can use Fear to Manipulate Psychologically the People. As soon as Obedience to Fear-based Authority is withheld, the Unmerited Power of Rapacious Capitalists Crumbles.

Hobbes' philosophy of political power has a modern version: "X has authority over Y if Y follows the rule that he obey X."18

From Encroachment to Reformation. Hobbes alleged that the papacy "encroached upon the rights of kings."19 The encroachment resulted in Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth Exorcising the Ecclesiastics, and, thus, "cast[ing] them Out."20

The encroachment of the Church was most ruinous for the papacy. In Germany, Martin Luther embraced Reformation. In Switzerland, Ulrich Zwingli did the same; so did John Calvin in France and in Switzerland. The Power and Authority of the Church to mediate between Man and God would never be the same. For Luther and his followers, "sola fide" (faith alone)21 -- not the Church -- became the road to man's salvation. Calvin went much further: salvation is secondary,-- the "chief end of human life" is "'[t]o know God by whom men were created.'"22

Capitalism veiled as Religion is most dangerous to Man. Hobbes' unconcealments reveal these truths:

Fear-based Authority is the Greatest Fraud ever perpetuated on Man.
When a Church Encroaches upon the Rights of the People, it is Exorcised.


Will exorcism work against deadly demons? Hard to say, but it will take an improvement over these previous efforts:

Exorcise The Pentagon

A snippet from the BBC/Granada documentary "It Was 20 Years Ago Today." The documentary is focused on the release of The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as well as the culture surrounding it.
This segment features Abbie Hoffman, Alan Ginsberg and others discussing the exorcism of the Pentagon, Oct 21, 1967.

Exorcising the Pentagon - October, 1967

All through the history of the Fugs in the '60s, the war in Vietnam throbbed like an ever-seething soul sore. However much we partied, shouted our poetry and strutted around like images of Bacchus, we could never quite get it out of our mind. It was like that Dada poetry reading that Tristan Tzara gave in 1922 in Paris, with an alarm clock constantly ringing during the reading. The war was THE alarm clock of the late '60s.
It seemed as if the war might become permanent, so there were big demonstrations planned for October of 1967 to surround the nerve center of the war-- the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Somebody came up with the idea of holding an Exorcism of this mystic pentagonal citadel of napalm and incineration.
I agreed to write and create the actual Exorcism. Tuli and I rented a flat bed truck and a sound system. The Fugs and a group of San Francisco Diggers climbed aboard and joined the protest march across the bridge from D.C. to the Pentagon. We positioned ourselves on the edge of a parking lot a few hundred feet from our target, while tens of thousands of marchers walked past, and I intoned a sing-song litany of exorcism after which we all began to chant "Out, Demons, Out!" over and over for about fifteen minutes. Filmmakers Barbara Rubin and Shirley Clarke filmed the chanting, while magician/ filmmaker Kenneth Anger positioned himself beneath the truck and performed his own ritual of exorcism. It was quite an afternoon.
When we had finished the exorcism, we walked onto the lawn in front of the Pentagon where lines of armed soldiers with rifles thrust forward stood guarding the entranceway. We were carrying dozens of yellow daisies. We paused in front of the young and obviously nervous soldiers and gently shoved some stems into some rifle barrels, then glanced back over our shoulders as we walked away, marveling at the vision of white petal jutting from dark metal.
It was a famous thing we did, and people praised us for our audacity, yet the Vietnam War went on for another seven years. So much for "Out, Demons, Out!" You can learn more about the big demonstration at the Pentagon in Norman Mailer's Armies of the Night.
After the exorcism, The Fugs began their final series of performances at The Players Theater in Greenwich Village. Personnel had changed. We had assembled a very talented musical line-up: Charles Larkey on bass, Ken Pine on guitar, Dan Kootch on guitar and violin, and Ken Weaver on Drums. Richard Alderson recorded some of these final shows of 1967, which closed on New Year's eve at the Players Theater.

Exorcist curses Cubs

The superstitious Chicago Cubs summon Greek Orthodox priest Reverend Father James L. Greanias of St. Iakovos Church in Valparaiso, Indiana to exorcise the Cubs dugout before Game 1 of the NLDS. Cubs are swept by L.A. immediately, leading all to wonder if he cursed them instead

Priest Blesses Chicago Cubs Dugout With Holy Water

Rev. James L. Greanias, a Greek Orthodox priest was brought into Wrigley Field to remove the curse before Game 1 of last year's playoffs. Check out as Greanias and Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney blessed the dugout with holy water.

What is certain is that something desperately needs to be done:

Occupying Our Minds
It’s stark, but dividing the world up into the 1% (the self-perpetuating elite currently laying claim to the lion’s share of the world’s wealth) and the 99% (everybody else) is certainly focussing people’s minds.

It tells us instantly that Capitalism 1.0 (or Capitalism 1%) has proved itself to be a monumental failure. The implicit deal on which it was based – that it was OK for the rich to get richer if everyone else shared in the process, if jobs were created, public services protected, infrastructure maintained, the environment looked after, and our children’s interests given due regard – has been so comprehensively betrayed as to leave the lucky 1% with no place to hide.

It tells us instantly that the fantastical illusion that took possession of our minds and our dreams – that year-on-year increases in production and consumption on a finite planet, indefinitely into the future, was a feasible proposition – must now be exorcised once and for all.

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