Friday, January 18, 2008

'The Time for an American Attack against Iran is Over!'

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
" ... Precisely 21 months ago, in an article entitled ‘Exterminate Iran now!’ (March 20, 2006 /, we advocated the use of small nuclear bombs of similar power as those of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945. We asserted that as the two bombs used against Japan saved a greater number of lives (of US fighting to defeat Japan through conventional war means), three bombs against Iran would ultimately annihilate the Ayatollah regime.

By now, the time for an American attack is over.

There are several reasons for this; before analyzing them, we have to stress that this conclusion does not change in anything the real need for bringing about an end to the Ayatollah tyranny.

Ayatollahs’ Iran: a Nationalistic Theocracy as Freemasonic Machination

The current theocratic and utterly unrepresentative regime of Iran was not the choice of the peoples and nations of Iran. The events that triggered the fall of Shah and the return of Ayatollah Khomeini were all machinated by an Apostate Freemasonic Lodge that controls part of the French and the English establishments and through them part of the American establishment.

The danger that the late Shah of Iran represented for their eschatological plans was absolutely tremendous. This does not imply that they intended to help establish a pseudo-Shia theocracy in Iran; simply they were not able to completely control the developments. As a matter of fact, the late Shah intended to modernize, industrialize and westernize Iran in the 70s; one could compare his attempt to that of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey, 50 years earlier.

A strong Iran next to a strong Turkey is enough to make the Anglo-French colonial establishments spend years without an easy sleep. Although this would look good for Western geo-political and geo-strategic interests, particularly in containing Tsarist Russia / USSR / Putin’s oligarchy, in real terms of Western Freemasonic conspiracy in the Middle East it is abominable because it would hinder all Freemasonic plans and projects for the Middle East, the area of their primary concern par excellence. ... "

Ron Paul and anarchism

by Jim Kozynek

" ... The movement, actually referred to as “anarcho-syndicalism,” and advanced by such early de-facto leaders as Emma Goldman, did in fact have tenets that would reinstitute “merit-based” compensations and protections for workers exploited by the early robber barons.

That movement was later co-opted and applied to a new context by Noam Chomsky in the 1960s as a movement of “free associations” that would ensure local controls by returning ownership of companies to workers.

This, in principle, seeks to ensure that capital motives are not decoupled from real needs, such as living wages, environment, health and safety measures. And it would help to institute a meritocracy. And those who contribute the “manual and intellectual work” would see direct financial benefits from its institution.

Ron Paul is the closest candidate to connecting to this historical movement, often identified as anarchism because of its rejection of institutional channels that control the distribution of capital. But it is a movement that does not necessarily reject cooperation in institutional forms.

This is evidenced by his opposition to the institutional triangle of the manufacture of capital in the Federal Reserve, the movement of that capital to status holders in the form of corporate welfare, and the subsequent need for military commitments to defend those privileges. ... "

~ Full article ~


Obit: Bobby Fischer, 64

" ... Bobby Fischer, who died on Thursday aged 64, was a high school dropout who may have been the greatest chess player of all time, but ended his life in eccentric seclusion.

The US-born player had lived for the last two years in Iceland, after serving eight months behind bars in Japan in a new twist to a life that had gone downhill ever since his moment of glory at age 29.

The Brooklyn-bred genius made headlines around the world when he wrested the world chess title from Soviet domination in 1972, beating world champion Boris Spassky, in a Cold War chess showdown in Reykjavik known as the match of the century.

He was said to have an IQ higher than Albert Einstein's and once thought his gift would win him undying fortune. He would make extravagant demands over matches in a way more commonly seen in boxing.

But while the theatrics made him a celebrity -- and are credited with helping him unnerve his opponents -- he also succeeded in alienating himself from all but a small band of friends and chess enthusiasts.

Personally urged on by Henry Kissinger to play for his country in 1972, Fischer repeatedly said he despised the United States.

Despite having a Jewish mother, Fischer was a vicious anti-Semite, using broadcasts at far-flung radio stations to accuse Jews of everything from his legal woes to an alleged conspiracy to kill off elephants.

[ ... ]

Fischer returned to chess in 1992 with a rematch against Spassky in Yugoslavia, then in the throes of the Balkan wars.

At a press conference he spat on a US government notice warning him he was breaking sanctions and proceeded to defeat Spassky once again, winning more than three million dollars on which he boasted he would never pay tax.

Fischer is not known to have stepped foot since in the United States, where he faced 10 years in prison for playing the chess match.

On July 13, 2004, Fischer was taken into custody at Tokyo's Narita airport for travelling on a passport which Washington said was revoked.

With Japan deliberating for months on whether to send him to the United States, Iceland came to his rescue in 2005, granting him citizenship in tribute to his role in making the island -- and the game of chess -- famous in 1972.

As the United States vowed to arrest him if he ever set foot again in his homeland, Fischer began his new life with typical anti-Jewish slurs and by lambasting his country of origin.

"The Jew-controlled United States is evil. They talk about the axis of evil. What about the allies of evil? What about the US, England, Japan, Australia and so on? These are the evil doers," said Fischer. ... "

~ Full obituary ~


Was Charles Bukowski 'a Jew-hating Nazi sympathizer?'

Oscar Wilde went to prison in 1895 for flaunting his homosexuality. Ezra Pound was indicted for treason in 1943 for broadcasting on behalf of the Italian fascists in the Second World War. Dylan Thomas died in 1953 after proclaiming that he had just downed 18 straight whiskeys and wondering if it were a record.

I mention them to emphasize that not all poets are whispering pixies. Some are maniacs, some are drunks and some are general hell-raisers. Which brings us to Charles Bukowski, who was probably all of the above. Although those who knew him might agree that he was a raving, brawling alcoholic, the question has arisen: Was he a Jew-hating Nazi sympathizer? ...
The allegation was made by a one-time Bukowski friend turned severe critic who wrote a book suggesting that both might be true. The observation became an issue when the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission proposed that the East Hollywood house in which Bukowski wrote much of his poetry be declared a historical landmark. The current owner of the home said, more or less, over her dead body, and hired a lawyer.

Victoria Gureyeva is quoted by L.A. Weekly as saying, "This man [Bukowski] loved Hitler. This is my house, not Bukowski's. I will never allow the city of Los Angeles to turn it into a monument for this man." But the commission voted to do just that, and now it's up to the City Council to confirm or deny.

Among those commenting on the issue -- and there are many -- is the poet FrancEyE, who lived with Bukowski for three years and bore him a daughter. She said that the whole thing was, to rephrase it into more acceptable terms, bull manure. "He'd get drunk and say anything," she said, "but he wasn't a Nazi."
[ ... ]
OK, so probably Buk wasn't a Nazi, but was he anti-Semitic? FrancEyE isn't sure but says he never made a public issue of it if he was. He was born in Germany, and his maternal grandmother, whose last name was Israel, was Jewish. It's difficult to imagine anti-Semitism evolving from that. Basically, he was a man challenging the world, both with fists and words, a provocateur of amazing abilities.

Bukowski's poetry is often powerful, emerging with explosive force. An admirer once described his work as "the spoken word nailed to paper." But he could also be reflective, almost mournful. In one poem he writes: "in the company of fools/we relax upon/ordinary embankments, enjoy bad food, cheap/drink,/mingle with the men and/ladies from/hell./in the company of fools/we throw days away like/paper napkins." ... "

The Chelsea Hotel

" ... If ever there was a hotel with a checkered history, it would have to be New York's infamous Chelsea.

The Chelsea Hotel has been called home by what would by any stretch have to be considered a "who's who" of New York's historical community of rebel artists living on the societal fringe. At one time or another, its residents have ranged from beat poetry icons like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsburg, and William S. Burroughs to those they have influenced like Bob Dylan and Patti Smith.

More recently, the hotel's residents have included the likes of Ethan Hawke, Rufus Wainwright, and Ryan Adams (which may just help explain that strange concert I saw a year or so back where Adams was completely out of his mind on — well, something).

According to legend, the Chelsea has also seen more than its fair share of cultural history. Madonna is said to have photographed much of her naughty nineties book Sex while staying there. Leonard Cohen supposedly wrote the song "Chelsea Hotel #2," after receiving a blowjob from Janis Joplin at the hotel, and Joni Mitchell likewise wrote "Chelsea Morning" about her time staying there. It is also a matter of record that the Chelsea is where Sid Vicious spent his final tragic moments with Nancy Spungen. .... "

Hippies in Daffin Park: Where were you in '72?

" ... Before closing the Daffin Park history book, at least one overlooked chapter begs for a little investigation. That chapter is titled “The People’s Park: Ground Zero for Savannah’s Counter Culture.”
[ ... ]

I’m told that the impact of San Francisco’s 1967 Summer of Love didn’t reach Savannah until two or three years later, while I was still a member of my mom’s Brownie Troop.

Sometime during that era I recall several instances of riding in the back seat of the car, Mom at the wheel, as we rolled past the corner of Victory Drive and Bee Road, the location of Daffin Park, a somewhat neglected section of the unremarkably landscaped public facility. At some point in this period, less than a decade after Daffin Park was center stage for two racial desegregation lawsuits, this corner of Daffin became known as “The People’s Park,” the unofficial gathering place for Savannah’s hippies.

Savannah’s beatnik gathering place was likely named for the original People’s Park in Berkeley, Calif., site of a 1969 confrontation between 30,000 counter culture folks “armed with peace signs and daisies” and 2,000 members of the California National Guard, according to the American Friends Service Committee website.

[ ... ]

In the next few weeks I’m heading to the public library to wade through microfiche copies of the Savannah Morning News for articles about the Lieutenant Calley demonstration. Now that Savannah’s 1970’s hippies have children and grandchildren, some of them hippies themselves, I’m hoping to find one or two People’s Park alumni willing to share their recollections of this chapter in our history. ... "

~ Full article ~


Vampira - R.I.P.

" ... In the early days of television, when horror movies were often campy by nature, actress Maila Nurmi created the character Vampira, a glamorous ghoul who as hostess of late-night fright films in the 1950s layered on her own brand of camp.

Vampira played with her pet tarantula, gave gruesome recipes for vampire cocktails and bathed in a boiling caldron. With a knack for the double- entendre and the requisite blood-chilling scream, Vampira was a hit.
The character won Nurmi short-lived fame and a dedicated cult following. Nurmi claimed that Vampira also was the uncredited inspiration for later ghoulish yet glamorous female characters in film and television, including Elvira.
Nurmi, who appeared in director Edward D. Wood Jr.'s 1959 film "Plan 9 From Outer Space," was found dead Jan. 10 in her Hollywood home. The cause of death was still being investigated, said Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County coroner's office.

Nurmi was believed to be 85, although sources offer conflicting dates of birth.

[ ... ]

In creating Vampira, Nurmi said she went beyond the Addams cartoon, developing an alter ego influenced by beatnik culture and her experiences as a child of the Depression.

Vampira wore a low-cut, tattered black dress that showed off her impossibly small waist (courtesy of a waist cincher) and displayed more cleavage than was common for the day. With her long nails and dark, dramatically arched eyebrows, watching Vampira was "a release for people."

"The times . . . were so conservative and so constrained," Nurmi said in a video interview posted on her website. "There was so much repression, and people needed to identify with something explosive, something outlandish and truthful."

[ ... ]

Nurmi's influence can be seen in today's teen "goth" look, said Dana Gould, a longtime friend of Nurmi.

"She really sort of cast the mold for a look that is still around," the comedy writer and comedian said.

Director Tim Burton's film about Wood, starring Johnny Depp, introduced a new audience to Wood and Nurmi. ... "


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