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Musical Innerlube: Zappa (Dweezil) plays Zappa (Frank)

DZ solos: RDNZL, Pick Me I'm Clean, Cruisin' for Burgers - Roundhouse, 6th Nov 2010

Duet with Ago and Dweezil

Zappa Plays Zappa "Cheepnis" Morse Theater 10/18/08

And something from Pappa Zappa:

Frank Zappa Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - Father O'Blivion

Every Great Social Movement

By David Korten, Yes! Mag

The biggest shifts of our time have been sparked by ordinary people rejecting the cultural stories that dominated them.

This is part of a series of blogs based on excerpts adapted from the 2nd edition of Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth. I wrote Agenda to spur a national conversation on economic policy issues and options that are otherwise largely ignored. This blog series is intended to contribute to that conversation. —DK

Every great social movement begins with a set of ideas validated, internalized, and then shared and amplified through media, grassroots organizations, and thousands, even millions, of conversations. A truth strikes a resonant chord, we hear it acknowledged by others, and we begin to discuss it with friends and associates.The new story spreads out in multiple ever-widening circles that begin to connect and intermingle.

A story of unrealized possibility gradually replaces the falsified story that affirmed the status quo. The prevailing culture begins to shift, and the collective behavior of the society shifts with it.
For the civil rights and women’s movements, the old story said:

Women and people of color have no soul. Less than human, they have no natural rights. They can find fulfillment only through faithful service to their white male masters.

A profound cultural shift occurred between 1950 and 1980 as the consequence of a growing rejection of these stories in favor of a new story that recognized and affirmed the full humanity and rights of all people.

It began with the civil rights movement, inspired in part by the words and writing of W. E. B. DuBois, founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). His ideas were carried forward by others such as the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Communicated through books, periodicals, and speeches, these ideas inspired and shaped countless conversations, particularly in black churches, about race and the possibilities of integration based on a full recognition of the inherent humanity of people all races.

Thinkers, writers, and activists who embraced the idea of integration engaged in verbal combat with those who defended the status quo as legitimated by the old story. As the story of possibility gained currency, proponents engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience in the form of sit-ins in segregated facilities, which began to create a new reality and set the stage for political demands to replace laws that institutionalized the old story with laws that institutionalized the new.

What is Anonymous? What is "The Plan"?

The 'Class War' Speech by Prof. Noam Chomsky

Even though this was recorded over a decade ago, there is nothing in it that is dated. If anything, it accurately predicts the present!

This speech was recorded live at MIT back in 1996. These aren't sound bites, they are documented truths expressed in honest language. By the way, Chomsky isn't in any way calling for 'class war' here, he is just describing the reality what has been going on for several decades now.

There is truth here that you never hear anywhere else. Even wild-eyed radicals seldom deliver hard, unpleasant facts this well. Let's face it, human rights have always been subordinate to business rights in the USA. But things have gotten outrageously worse in modern times. The U.S. is advocating a corporate tyranny far surpassing any level of totalitarianism found in the rest of the developed world. And it really started with outright criminal behavior under the "great" Ronald Reagan. I know- I saw it happen..

Perhaps the most frightening thing about this speech is its talk of "anti-politics". Briefly, this is the organized campaign to blame everything on the government- even when big business is really in control. They want the people to hate and fear the government, because democratic government has a dangerous flaw- it actually has the slight chance of becoming truly democratic. You see, corporations are perfect- perfect tyrannies.

The average worker, the average citizen, is never going to be able to change or control them. The government is the only thing the average citizen has the potential to control. Therefore the average citizen must be taught to hate, fear, or simply dismiss organized political action. What you get is "anti-politics" where people are totally atomized, fearful and hateful of nearly everything- and totally blind to the real problems.

La Resistance from South Park

South Park music video from the South Park movie Bigger Longer and Uncut

Far-right membership swells on Facebook and other sites since Norway massacre

From the  Associated Press:

LONDON — When the English Defense League sprang to life two years ago, it had fewer than 50 members — a rough-and-tumble bunch of mostly white guys shouting from a street corner about what they viewed as uncontrolled Muslim immigration.
Now, the far-right group mentioned by confessed Norway gunman Anders Behring Breivikas an inspiration says its ranks have swollen to more than 10,000 people, a spectacular rise its leaders attribute to the immense global power of Facebook and other social networking sites.

“I knew that social networking sites were the way to go,” EDL leader Stephen Lennon told The Associated Press. “But to say that we inspired this lunatic to do what he did is wrong. We’ve never once told our supporters its alright to go out and be violent.”

A Facebook page under Breivik’s name was taken down shortly after the attacks last week. A Twitter account under his name had only one Tweet, on July 17, loosely citing English philosopher John Stuart Mill: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.”

Norwegian investigators have pored through data on Breivik’s computer and say they now believe he was acting alone. They have also said they haven’t found any links of concern between Breivik and far right British groups such as the EDL.

In addition to Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, the Internet hosts thousands of forums for far-left, far-right and other extremist groups. In Germany alone, far-right groups ran some 1,000 websites and 38 online radio stations as of late last year with many aimed at recruiting followers. Social networking sites, complete with politically charged music, are particularly drawing younger audiences who increasingly get their information outside of traditional media.

Extremists “still favor online chat platforms — often with several hundred participants — but they are increasingly turning to social media,” said Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which called the danger of recruitment “considerable.”

Indignants return to Syntagma Square in Athens; Kick out police

Athens Indignants returned in force to Syntagma Square yesterday. When riot police started to gather they stubbornly - and peacefully - kicked them out of the square.

The scene of the police's eviction captured on digital video by a tourist who may not have fully understood what was going on:

A Greek Indignado expresses his feelings with a song:

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Indignants brutally evicted from Syntagma, Vow to fight on!

Statements issued by the Greek Real Democracy website (unofficial translation from the Greek):

They Came Like Thieves in the Night

We Are The Square And We Are Everywhere

Gathering at Syntagma Square at 6:00 o'clock.

Like thieves, fearful of the public humiliation and outcry, the police forces entered the square at 4 am.

The district attorney and work crews of the Municipality of Athens invaded the square, and began a wholesale destruction and removal of tents and the infrastructure of the various work groups of the square. They then took 13 people into custody from which 8 are now considered arrests.

We condemn the ban on communication between lawyers and those held at the police station in Omonoia. (For this reason, there is no clear picture of the number of arrestees or who they are).

Activists who were present, in resistance to the annihilation of the square, saved what material they could and took videos of what was happening, scenes which make plain that we are living under a cowardly democracy and a justice system that functions on the basis of the law of the jungle.

Let them realise the obvious truth:

The square is all of us, thousands of ordinary people who stand up to a cynical, anti-popular, anti-democratic, corrupt economic and political status quo. A status quo that, in desperation, facing its own failure, is trying to save itself in any way possible.

We will not become its victims.
We do not fear, we do not submit.

We inform them that they are fooling themselves if they think that "cleansing" and making a fortress of Syntagma Square, they will protect themselves. There are tens of squares now all over Athens, with their own general assemblies, hundreds of squares all over Greece. We are in every neighborhood, along with every citizen of this country.

We are the millions of society set against a handful of corrupt and subservient minority who try to pretend they have strength by using the police, mercenaries of the power elite.

We are everywhere.

Whatever they do they cannot makes us leave. The streets and the squares, like jobs, productive structures, the wealth of this country and our rights belong to us. They are not for sale. We will continue to demand their return to the people.

We have said it before and we say it again:

We will not leave until they are gone.

Everyone at Syntagma Square today Saturday, 30th of July at 6 p.m.

The terrorism of this dictatorial goverment, the IMF and the Memorandum, shall not pass.

You do not scare us. You infuriate us.

We continue the fight peacefully, with determination and creativity.

Video of the eviction:

Real-Democracy - We do not retreat! Not one step or one dream back!

Some time ago we stepped outside. We had made up our minds! Everyone holding hands. Looking skyward with a clear gaze. With dreams, hopes and a smile from each one of us big enough to spare for the person next to us! We had no plans! We didn't organise something! We simply stepped outside! From that day on we are all together. Some are seated, some standing, but always together at the People's Assemblies in all the public squares throughout Greece! From one end of the country to another!

Decisions, resolutions, hands raised, eyes moist with tears! Each one of us experiences a shiver when coming to speak before the assembly! Democracy and egalitarianism! A dream comes true for all of us! Finally, we are making progress! With what we always wanted! For ourselves, for those next to us, for our children! We gather every day - men, women and children of eavery age! We discuss and we laugh! At last, we are changing as humans! We don't realise it but it is slowly and steadily happening inside us. At first it is a stream. Then, slowly, it becomes a torrent! And the changes are already apparent! Everything changes! Isn't that wonderful, grand, but, most of all, human?

Yesterday, the authorities, as latter day Ephialtes', jealous of the justice, the egalitarianism, the freedom and the democracy of Syntagma Square, moved in and "imposed order" on lifeless objects! Yes, they managed to evict tents, chairs and tables! A great accomplishment they can relate to their children and grandchildren with pride! Our hip politicians had another idea that left us speechless! The decision was a demonstration of ethos and democracy! Such decisions serve as guides for our children! We are so grateful to you! You have no idea how much good you did us. And you do not infuriate us. Certainly not. You merely make us smile more because you have taken off your own masks. In the end you don't need any assistance! You are truly magnificent! But there is something we must tell you! If you care to read it. Okay, so you evicted a few tents and small tables. But what about us? You didn't get rid of us! How can you get rid of a dream, a vision, hope? It doesn't look like a walk in the park any more, does it? We gave you food for thought! Did we say thought? That is something lacking from you! We keep forgetting, you guys in parliament! We have one thing to say to you. The Square is inside us! We are not retreating a single step backward!

So we do not retreat! Not one step back! Not one thought or dream back! All of us will be there every day! Because we simply don't want you! You do not offer what we want! You have managed to do to this country the same thing Ephialtes did. You betrayed us! You betrayed our dreams and, most of all, yourselves. But we the people are here to correct all that! Enough. Every day we will shout it in every public square! With discussions, laughter, singing, dancing, decisions and resolutions! And you respond with violence, censorship and by restraining freedom! But you forget we are now A L L together! We will remain across the street from you. Silently looking at you with a gaze that asks: "What have we done for you to step on us? What have we done for you to betray us? What have we done for you to cut off our children's future?" What is there for you to say in response? Without experts in communication, pundits and a bunch of people behind you, you are incapable of saying a simple 'good morning'! You are simply made of wood. Lifeless! In any case we no longer seek answers! We've had enough!

And so, we will be there TODAY and EVERY DAY! To stress with our presence that you now have an adversary! The people! Who will be your final judge! The people you gassed on the 28th and 29th of June. Gas all you want! More chemicals and violence! We can take it! After all we put up with you all these years! But we will respond to you with ethos! With resolutions, songs, merriment and lots of good morning calls. Because above all we respect each other! There is another word that has been lost in the dark labyrinth of your Parliament! Like scrupulousness and diligence, shame, and many other 'inconsequential terms you ignore! However, we are familiar with, and abide by, them!

We invite all the people to be ALL together and out of doors each hour of every day! We blong to EACH OTHER! Because that is the only place we deserve to belong! We invite you to stand opposite them! Your participation and presence in our public squares makes us all stronger! Not in terms of hands but in decisions and in thoughts for new ideas! Let's all finally step outside to abolish the wooden mindset!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Global Protest Movement - Anonymous - Generation OS13 - New Resistance - Rise up

Global Protest Movement | Anonymous | Generation OS13 | New Resistance | Rise up

Anonymous - Operation Onslaught July 30th

anonymous A Bill of Rights in Cyberspace
1. We have the right to connect.
This is a preamble and precondition to the American First Amendment: before we can speak, we must be able to connect. Hillary Clinton defines the freedom to connect as "the idea that governments should not prevent people from connecting to the internet, to websites, or to each other." It is this principle that also informs discussion of net neutrality.
2. We have the right to speak. 
No one may abridge our freedom of speech. We acknowledge the limitations on freedom of speech but they must defined as narrowly as possible, lest we find ourselves operating under a lowest common denominator of offense. Freedom is our default.
3. We have the right to speak in our languages.
The English language's domination of the internet has faded as more languages and alphabets have joined the net, which is to be celebrated. But Ethan Zuckerman also cautions that in our polyglot internet, we will want to build bridges across languages. We will want to speak in our own languages but also speak with others'.
4. We have the right to assemble.
In the American Bill of Rights, the right to assemble is listed separately from the right to speak. The internet enables us to organize without organizations and collaborate and that now threatens repressive regimes as much as speech.
5. We have the right to act.
These first articles are a thread: We connect to speak and speak to assemble and assemble to act and that is how we can and will change the world, not just putting forth grievances but creating the means to fix them. That is what threatens the institutions that would stop us.
6. We have the right to control our data.
You should have access to data about you. And what's yours is yours. We want the internet to operate on a principle of portability, so your information and creations cannot be held prisoner by a service or government and so you retain control. But keep in mind that when control is given to one, it is taken from another; in those details lurk devils. This principle thus speaks to copyright and its laws, which set the definitions and limits of control or creation. This principle also raises questions about whether the wisdom of the crowd belongs to the crowd.
7. We have the right to our own identity.
This is not as simple as a name. Our identity online is made up of our names, addresses, speech, creations, actions, connections. Note also that in repressive regimes, maintaining anonymity — hiding one's identity — is a necessity; thus anonymity, with all its faults and baggage and trolls, must also be protected online to protect the dissenter and the whistleblower. Note finally that these two articles — controlling our data and our identities — make up the right to privacy, which is really a matter of control.
8. What is public is a public good.
The internet is public; indeed, it is a public place (rather than a medium). In the rush to protect privacy, we must beware the dangers of restricting the definition of public. What's public is owned by the public. Making the public private or secret serves the corrupt and tyrannical.
9. The internet shall be built and operated openly.
The internet must continue to be built and operated to open standards. It must not be taken over or controlled by any company or government. It must not be taxed. It is the internet's openness that gives it its freedom. It is this freedom that defines the internet.
Join us. Expect Us.
Message From Anonymous.
cipherspace crypto anarchy encryption telecomix
TheAnonPress Facebook:
(For Updates And More Information Visit.)
Facebook Event Operation ONSLAUGHT :
Flyer 2:
Music By : Brand X Music - Fearless?
Oppression & tyranny the Anonymous is freedom ! WE ARE WINNING AND NO ONE CAN STOP US NO ONE! WE ARE ANONYMOUS
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We? do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Its time to WAKE THE F*K UP!

Hotspots: Greece
Max and Stacy traveled to Athens, Greece. This is the film they found in the financial hotspot, Greece.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One World One Revolution

The events of 28-29 June, 2011 through the eyes of the People's Assembly media crew at Syntagma Square, Athens.

Gigantic Crack Opens Up In Mexico - Alert -Pole Shift-Brown Dwarf-Nibiru-Elenin

The crack appeared on 13 July in Santa Maria Huejoculco in Chalco, State Mexico, land has now reached the thousand 500 meters long and the authorities have not taken preventive measures, warned James Espinoza Hilario, responsible for planning Social of the project Sierra Nevada of the Autonomous Metropolitan University.

In addition, after survey work was detected in Santa Maria Huejoculco get another gap of about four km which reaches La Candelaria Tlapala, in the community of Miraflores, in Chalco, explained Professor in interview with Martín Espinosa, for group picture Multimedia.

These failures [are] part of a family of cracks that exist in the region and threaten to spread across the entire area east of the Valley of Mexico, result in the overexploitation of water table and the proliferation of housing.

This event began back 2009 in a small area of this region but since it has grown and opened wide up eating up everything around it.

Article Link :

Suicide Plague: Japan swept by Fukushima depression

The head of the International Atomic Watchdog is visiting Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant for the first time since March's devastating earthquake and tsunami. Yukiya Amano has promised to help with the recovery effort and discussed what aid is needed at a meeting with the country's Prime Minister. As well as killing thousands, the natural disasters caused the plant's reactor cores to melt and leak dangerous amounts of radiation into the environment. But the IAEA chief says the workers at the plant ARE capable of bringing the leak under control by early next year as planned. Residents evacuated from a town close to the area held a belated memorial for the dead and missing on the irradiated no-man's land. But even many of those who survived are struggling with their own nuclear nightmare. RT's Sean Thomas explains.

Against Dumb

At smart USA, we think dumb, mindless consumption is at an all-time high. We could all be a little smarter and happier by buying just the right stuff, not all of it.

Against Work

From The Abolition of Work by Bob Black

No one should ever work.

Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world. Almost any evil you'd care to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working.

That doesn't mean we have to stop doing things. It does mean creating a new way of life based on play; in other words, a *ludic* conviviality, commensality, and maybe even art. There is more to play than child's play, as worthy as that is. I call for a collective adventure in generalized joy and freely interdependent exuberance. Play isn't passive. Doubtless we all need a lot more time for sheer sloth and slack than we ever enjoy now, regardless of income or occupation, but once recovered from employment-induced exhaustion nearly all of us want to act. Oblomovism and Stakhanovism are two sides of the same debased coin.

The ludic life is totally incompatible with existing reality. So much the worse for "reality," the gravity hole that sucks the vitality from the little in life that still distinguishes it from mere survival. Curiously -- or maybe not -- all the old ideologies are conservative because they believe in work. Some of them, like Marxism and most brands of anarchism, believe in work all the more fiercely because they believe in so little else.

. . .

The War for Catch-22

The tragicomic 1961 novel that sprang from Joseph Heller’s experience as a W.W. II bombardier mystified and offended many of the publishing professionals who saw it first. But thanks to a fledgling agent, Candida Donadio, and a young editor, Robert Gottlieb, it would eventually be recognized as one of the greatest anti-war books ever written. In an adaptation from his Heller biography, Tracy Daugherty recalls the tortured eight-year genesis of Catch-22 and its ultimate triumph.

more... ~

Cyber Weapons: The New Arms Race

By Michael Riley and Ashlee Vance

In the early morning hours of May 24, an armed burglar wearing a ski mask broke into the offices of Nicira Networks, a Silicon Valley startup housed in one of the countless nondescript buildings along Highway 101. He walked past desks littered with laptops and headed straight toward the cubicle of one of the company’s top engineers. The assailant appeared to know exactly what he wanted, which was a bulky computer that stored Nicira’s source code. He grabbed the one machine and fled. The whole operation lasted five minutes, according to video captured on an employee’s webcam. Palo Alto Police Sergeant Dave Flohr describes the burglary as a run-of-the-mill Silicon Valley computer grab. “There are lots of knuckleheads out there that take what they can and leave,” he says. But two people close to the company say that they, as well as national intelligence investigators now looking into the case, suspect something more sinister: a professional heist performed by someone with ties to China or Russia. The burglar didn’t want a computer he could sell on Craigslist. He wanted Nicira’s ideas.

Intellectual-property theft is hardly unheard of in Silicon Valley. Most often, it takes place when a hacker breaks into a network and goes after a widely used product. This was a physical break-in by an armed robber who was after arcane technology that isn’t even on the market yet. Nicira has spent the past four years quietly developing computing infrastructure software for data centers. According to the company’s sparse website, Nicira’s founders came from the computer science departments of Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, and the company counts big venture capital names, including Andreessen Horowitz and New Enterprise Associates, as its backers. Nicira also sought a grant from the Defense Dept. to work on networking technology for the military. Nicira declined to comment for this article. (Bloomberg LP, which owns Bloomberg Businessweek, is an investor in Andreessen Horowitz.)

Those familiar with the burglary refuse to talk about it on the record, citing orders handed down by the federal investigators. In private, they share a common concern: Cyber espionage and nation-state-backed hacking incidents appear to be increasing in frequency and severity. What once seemed the province of Hollywood—high-tech robbers with guns; Internet worms that take out power plants—has become real. They fear that online skirmishes and spying incidents are escalating into a confusing, vicious struggle that involves governments, corporations, and highly sophisticated free-ranging hackers. This Code War era is no superpower stare-down; it’s more like Europe in 1938, when the Continent was in chaos and global conflict seemed inevitable.


image from

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